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I. General provisions

§ 1. The Library of Kozminski University, here-in-after referred to as the Library, is an academic library.

§ 2. The Library makes its collection available:
1) on the premises
2) through local renting
3) through interlibrary renting  

§ 3. The right to use the collection on the premises is granted to:   
1) staff, students, PhD students at Kozminski University and students of all types of university courses organised by Kozminski University;
2) the graduates of Kozminski University;
3) students, staff and PhD students of other Universities;  
4) students of the final year of secondary schools.   

§ 4. The staff, students and PhD students of Kozminski University and students of all types of university courses organised by Kozminski University are entitled to rent locally.  

§ 5. Other libraries have the right to interlibrary renting – pursuant to a valid agreement concluded with the Library of Kozminski University.

II. Availability of the collection on the premises

§ 6. Availability of the collection on the premises means the use of the collection solely on the premises of the Library.

§ 7. The following are available solely on the premises of the Library:
1) items marked in the catalogue as available in the Reading Room only  
2) newspapers
3) theses

§ 8. In exceptional circumstances the duty librarian may, no longer than 30 minutes before the Library closing, rent – against a deposit of a valid ID – an item set out § 7 (1). Such item must be returned within 30 minutes of the next Library opening. Late return of such an item is subject to penalty in the amount of 10.00 PLN for each hour it is held.

III. Local renting

§ 9. Local renting means renting in the lending library of the Library.

§ 10. Local renting is only possible with a valid library card issued by the Library. The Library shall issue such cards only to the persons, who meet the criteria set out in § 4 and who shall present a valid document confirming they meet such criteria.  

§ 10a. A valid student ID card of Kozminski University, with a bar code compatible with the library computer system, may be deemed and considered by the Library as a document equal to a valid library card.  

§ 11. A holder of a library card is fully liable for the effects of its loss until the moment the duty librarian is notified of such situation.

§ 12. A duplicate of a library card will be issued at a charge of 5.00 PLN.

§ 13. The library card may not be given up to another person. The owner of the card is fully liable for the effects of such action.  

§ 14. The library card owner is obliged to notify the duty librarian of any change of the surname, address, university course mode.

§ 15. The bachelor degree and master’s degree students have the right to rent 5 volumes for the period of 28 days.  

§ 16. Students of post gradual degree courses and final year students (i.e. 3rd year of bachelor programmes, 5th year of uniform master’s programmes, 2nd year of post-graduate master’s programmes) have the right to rent 7 volumes for the period of up to 42 days. The students acquire the right to expand the renting period limit upon a notification submitted at the Library that they are a final year student.

§ 16a. Students of parallel courses have the right to rent 10 volumes for the period up to 42 days.

§ 17. PhD students and MBA students have the right to rent 7 volumes for the period of up to 70 days.

§ 18. The staff are entitled to rent:
1) 20 volumes for the period of up to 90 days;
2) items purchased with grant financing – for the period no longer than up to 30 days from the date of project expiration, which the grant concerned;
3) academics are additionally entitled to loan 5 volumes – for a period no longer than one calendar year.

§ 19. A change of the date of return of an item borrowed by an academic is possible under the condition that it is not a single copy or it is not essential to other library users.

§ 20. Only one copy of a given title may feature in a Reader’s account.  

§ 21. At the moment of renting the Reader shall sign a book card, hence they undertake personal liability for the condition and the date of return of the rented item.  

§ 22. Should the Reader fail to return an item they are obliged to settle a payment in the amount of 1.00 PLN for each item for every commenced day.  

§ 23. Should the Reader fail to return an item or settle financial obligations towards the Library, the possibility to rent shall be blocked until the obligations towards the Library are settled.

§ 24. If a given item is of significant value and a reader wishing to rent it, has a history of gross negligence of return dates, the duty librarian is entitled to refuse its rental.

§ 25. In exceptional circumstances the duty librarian is entitled to refuse an item rental or to set another date of return than that set out in § 15-18 and in particular if:
1) the number of readers interested in a given title is significantly higher than the number of copies of such title available in the Library, then the duty librarian may set a shorter rental period;  
2) the return period set out in § 15-18 does not correspond to the time of the classes of a reader, then the duty librarian is entitled to extend the renting period slightly;
3) the reader shall present before the duty librarian a valid reason for an immediate access to an item rented by another reader, then – upon a consultation with a person holding the subject item – the duty librarian is entitled to shorten the renting period.

IV. Routine regulations

§ 26. The reader is fully liable for the library materials they use. In the instance of their damage or loss they are obliged to provide the Library with an identical copy or make a payment into the account of Kozminski University as a triple value of the damaged or lost item, at the current value on the day of such payment.

§ 27. Entry onto the premises of the Library in outer wear, with luggage (except for bags measuring no more than 21x15x10 cm) and food products is not permitted.

§ 28. The use of mobile phones on the premises of the Library is not permitted.

§ 29. The use of a library locker is against a deposit of a current student’s card or any other valid ID.

§ 30. The use of a box or a locker is only possible during the working times of the Library. A charge for an extended use of a locker or box key is 20.00 PLN for each day of delay.  

§ 31. Silence is obligatory on the premises of the entire Library with the exclusion of group work rooms.  

§ 32. The Readers must not return the used materials onto the shelves. Any materials used must be deposited on designated tables or returned to the duty librarian.

§ 33. Within all and any routine issues please refer to the orders of the duty librarian and security staff.  

§ 34. Failure to observe the rules herein or provision of false personal data at the Library shall result in a cancellation of the right to use the Library.  

§ 35. Orders of book and other items purchases for the Library must be submitted on special application forms signed by the Head of the Department, a month (in the instance of Polish titles) or 3 months (in the instance of foreign titles) before the planned use.

§ 36. All and any complaints about the operation of the Library are accepted by the director of the Library.  

V. Final provisions

§ 37. [Annulled].

§ 38. The Library Rules of 1st October 2003 are repealed.

§ 39. This Rules become effective as of 1st June 2013.


Knihovna Akademie Kozminského

Bibliotheek Kozminski Universiteit

Bibliothèque de l'Université de Kozminski

ლეონ კოზიმინსკის უნივერსიტეტის ბიბლიოთეკა

Bibliothek der Koźmiński-Universität


Koзмински Их Сypгуулийн Номын Сан

Biblioteka Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego

Biblioteca da Universidade Kozminski

Biblioteca Universităţii 'Leon Kozminski'

Библиотека Академии Леона Козминского

Knižnica Kozminski Univerze

Biblioteca de la Universidad de Kozminski

Kozmiński Üniversitesi Kütüphanesi

Бібліотека Академії Леона Козьмінського


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