Information for Non-UE Participants


Application procedure for NON-UE participants

1) Please send us your registration form available below the link. Deadline for applications – 30th April 2020

2) By May 10th, 2020 you will get personal information by e-mail, if you are accepted.

3) At the same time, the participants will receive via e-mail the sample of the Training Agreement (TA), that should be filled and signed by participants. The participants will be asked to send it back, as a scan, to Mrs. Marzena Indra:

4) The TA will be signed by KU and send to the participant back.

5) The participants will receive via e-mail a sample of the Financial Agreement (FA), to be signed by the participants and send back to Mrs. Marzena Indra:

6) The FA will be signed by KU and send to the participant back.

7) The participants who submit: TA, FA, will receive the scholarship for the mobility period, according to the amount of the scholarship fixed by UE (100% of the scholarship in one installment). The scholarship will be transferred to the participant’s personal bank account by the end of May 2020.

8) During last day of the event, the members of the Staff Week will receive the Certificates of Participation.

9) The participants shall complete and submit the online EU Survey, sent automaticaly by the Erasmus+ system,  after the mobility within 30 calendar days upon receipt of the invitation to complete it. It will be sent by EU to all participants e-mail given by hte participants in FA and TA.

10) If you need any additional documents (for example invitation to be shown at Polish Consulate during applying for visa), please contact Ms. Marzena Indra:

Participants, who fail to complete and submit the online EU Survey may be required
partially or fully reimburse the financial support received



The scholarship amount will consists of two elements: living expenses and for travel expenses. Please note, that the final amount can varies.


Between 100 - 499 km180 EUR
Between 500 - 1999 km275 EUR
Between 2000 – 2999 km360 EUR
Between 3000 – 3999 km530 EUR
Between 4000 – 7999 km820 EUR
8000 km and above1500 EUR
140 EUR per day (5 days of stay + 2 days of travel)