Erasmus + Non-EU Incoming Faculty 


Applications submitted to the scheme will first be considered by the Director of IRO. Applications accepted at this stage will then be nominated to the KU Management Body, who make the final decision regarding visiting  academic staff.

If you have questions about any position or the application process, please feel free to contact us

How to apply


Visiting  Professors are required to review the selection process first, prepare the set of the documents and send them along with the Application Form.

Individuals may apply for teaching period during whole calendar year.

Application materials: Your application should include the following:

1.      Application Form for Visiting Teaching/ Academic Staff – short outlining the rationale for why you wish to spend time at KU. This should include information about your planned research program, the benefits of the visit - the ways in which you expect KU and Home university to benefit from the visit. Period of Stay at KU Please note that we prefer Visitors to be with us during term time ( check the academic calendar….)

2.      Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae.

3.      Additional ( f.e. Cover/ Motivation Letter, list of publication, short description of the project etc.)

Timetable for considering applications: You will be advised, in writing, of the outcome of your application within six weeks  after the submission of your request.

Send your applications to

Candidate’s Profile


KU seeks candidates with Ph.D titles or seeking Ph.D .

Applicants must be currently appointed faculty members at an academic institution.

We are happy to hear from faculty member working at:


Broad fieldNarrow fieldDetailed field
03 Social sciences031 Social and behavioural sciences0311 Economics
0313 Psychology in Management
04 Business, administration and law041 Business and administration0411 Accounting and taxation
0412 Finance, banking and insurance
0413 Management and administration
0414 Marketing and advertising
042 Law0421 Law

The application process calls for a current curriculum vitae, a Staff Mobility Agreement, in which candidates describe their background and interest in the program, and/ or a statement of their research plan.

Criteria for the Selection


The over-riding criteria for selection are:

-        potential research collaboration with KU faculty

-        the academic standing and achievements of the visitors in terms of their research and/or teaching;

-        their potential for making a substantial contribution to skills in the host institution;

-        the value of proposed subject taught at KU;


The emphasis should be on the diffusion of skills, and priority will be given to new or recent collaborative ventures.

Period of Stay at KU


Visiting Professors are expected to teach at least 8-10 hours course related to their research, subject to the approval of the Vice Rector.

The period of stay in Erasmus + non EU with the E+ scholarship  is 5 working days + 2 day of travel.

E + Scholarship


The scholarship consist of the Grant for the stay and Grant for the travel and insurance.

If the Candidates Application reviewed positive by the KU authorities, the Visitor is informed by email about his/her acceptance. At the same time he/she will be asked to fill out, print, sign, scan and send the Financial Agreement and Staff Mobility for Teaching Mobility Agreement to the Director of IRO.

Financial Agreement

Staff Mobility for Teaching Mobility Agreement

The grants will be transferred into the participant’s bank account, mentioned in the Financial Agreement. 

Stay: the scholarship rate is 140 euro per day

Travel: ( depending on kilometers see the table below ):


Journey distanceAmout per participant
Between 100 - 499 km180 EUR
Between 500 - 1999 km275 EUR
Between 2000 – 2999 km360 EUR
Between 3000 – 3999 km530 EUR
Between 4000 – 7999 km820 EUR
8000 km and above1100 EUR


The period for the visit should be planned from late September till the beginning of June.

Academic calendar at KU is available at   www.