Kozminski University uses the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) based on the workload required by each student to achieve the objectives of a program. ECTS assigns

points to specific courses, proportionally to the workload required to pass a course. The ECTS system recognizes all teaching formats, including lectures, workshops, conversatorium, seminars, exams etc. The Kozminski curricula covers a wide spectrum of course content and allocated time for each program in terms of workload in order to align its program curriculum ECTS and other international standards. ECTS system is also used for coordinating

student exchanges and transfers. ECTS grading scale defined in the ECTS framework by the European Commission is also used at Kozminski University.

Kozminski University provides ECTS grades for its students and  takes into account the ECTS grades awarded by other institutions. Using ECTS grading scale improves transparency of a variety of grading systems and helps in terms of grading conversion.


ECTS Catalogue