Ambassador of CIMA at KU 

Aleksandra Hoppe


The ambassador of the CIMA Program at KU is our student of the Law and Finance and Accounting Programs - Aleksandra Hoppe:



How I see my future career

It is very difficult to talk about my future on the second year of studies. However, I know that my interests are focused around finance and accounting. I think that in the future I would like to shape my career path in accordance with my interests and leaning towards accounting.

My studies, and additional activities at the University

Currently I am studying at Kozminski University in Warsaw. I am a second year student of law and finance. When it comes to additional activities, I am a member of the Erasmus Student Network, and also take part in KPMG’s ,,Only for ladies’’ program. Since September I am also an Ambassador of CIMA.

My hobbies

I am interested in literature, corporate finance, management accounting, and  international law.

Moreover, I like exploring new countries and cultures, especially Scandinavian countries fascinate me.

CIMA Ambassador

The College Ambassador position is something like a liaison between the University and the organization. It is thanks to this I have a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the organization. Signing up for the Ambassador position was largely related to my interests, among them international law.

While preparing for my exams I noticed how useful they are in the modern world. Acquiring certificates confirming an individual’s specific, specialized skills builds a strong position on the market. I really want to pass this knowledge on to my peers and show the students how you can earn additional diplomas.

What I value about being a CIMA Ambassador

Being an Ambassador is an interesting occupation, that will allow me to develop my interests in the field of finance and accounting.

As an ambassador, I highly value the opportunity to meet new students and to provide them with knowledge about the CIMA program. I am an open and communicative person, so it gives me the joy and satisfaction to show what CIMA really is and what it offers students. In addition, I like to participate in all kinds of workshops and conferences. I also appreciate the opportunity to gain additional knowledge in planning and organization.

CIMA diploma

Possessing a CIMA diploma is a great differentiator on the labor market. When you graduate from CIMA, you become part of a global network of business leaders. Your knowledge of management accounting will reach the highest level. 

The global nature of  CIMA’s qualifications guarantee that your skills will be useful and recognized by the world's largest companies. So join us and give it a shot.