Ambassador of CIMA at KU 

Anastasiia Liaver

I am a second-year Master student of Finance and Accounting at Kozminski University. I have chosen Banking and Investment Strategies as my specialization. I aim to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the university and combine my studies with additional activities, which may help me to develop my interpersonal skills ,as well as working within international teams.

In my opinion it is important to take part in different university projects. During my Bachelor’s degree I participated in Brussels Business week, the project was about “The Beer market. Trends and challenges”. That was an amazing opportunity to work with students all over the Europe.

I am into extreme sports, such as snowboarding and surfing. I have finished a surfing school in Portugal, while I was also doing an internship there. In my free time I also enjoy running, drawing and painting.

CIMA is world recognizable and a highly valuable qualification on today’s financial market. Constant development in someone’s profession is a really important thing. That’s why my goal is to have a good contact with students interested in participating in CIMA’s program.
I have decided to join CIMA’s organization as their Ambassador, because I strongly believe that it would be a great chance for me to gain new experience and meet a lot of interesting people.

Kseniia Tselinko

Dear reader,

As a child, I was surrounded by talented entrepreneurs, economists and academics. I built an inevitable interest in finance, economy and management, by having a great opportunity to learn from masters of the finance field, as well as to explore the field along with them. I started my journey back in high school, where I took part in various competition for math and economy classes. I also was involved in volunteering with children, who have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). It was a great experience that helped me to develop problem solving and adaptability, as well as interpersonal skills. Later, at Kozminski University, where I am holding a Finance and Accounting degree, I kept shaping my career path. During my studies, I had a pleasure to be a member of the scientific group „Audytor” (English “Auditor”), ESN Kozminski, and Kozminski International Society.

Besides finance, I am interested in music and sports. At the age of 10, I explored my passion for piano, which I continuously develop. Thanks to my very active, dynamic and loving family, I developed a love for sports, especially skiing, which is much-beloved sport among all family members. Also, learning foreign languages is one of my hobbies, which I developed as a mentor for international students at Kozminski University.

This year I have a pleasure to join CIMA global community as a CIMA ambassador at Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland. It is an honour to represent and promote the world’s leading qualification, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.