Ambassador of CIMA at KU 

The ambassador of the CIMA Program at KU is our student of the Law and Finance Program - Borys Szkodziak:
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I am a second year student of Kozminski University at the faculty of Law and Finance. I decided to associate my future with the scientific environment, finance and business. I definitely see myself as an entrepreneur, who actively extends the field of interests.

The major that I have chosen for myself gives me a lot of satisfaction. I am an active member of the Students Society of Tax Law at Kozminski University.

The issues of commercial law, trade law and financial law are particularly interesting for me. I am also familiar with subjects connected with economics, behavioral economics or catallactics. I am eager to use all benefits of the university environment.

As a CIMA Ambassador I promote the CIMA program among students by a direct contact at the university. It is an opportunity to get precise information about the program and qualifications possible to obtain.