Career at Kozminski University - Faculty Vacancies 

KOZMINSKI UNIVERSITY is currently in the process of filling a position in the Department of Administrative Law, Public Business Law and Company Law as an assistant professor (adiunkt) 

nr ref.: BSP/15/18

Field of expertise
The position we are seeking to fill is in the field of substantive administrative law and administrative procedure.
About the candidate
A successful candidate should have a strong academic record matching the position he or she is applying for. This inludes:
•    Ph.D. in law,
•    Interest in research undertaken by the Department of Administrative Law, Public Business Law and Company Law in the field of administrative law,
•    Realistic prospects of obtaining a post doctoral degree in a short-term perspective,
•    Readiness to apply for research grants as available from domestic and foreign sources,
•    At least five years of experience in teaching and research at the academic level,
•    Knowledge of practical side of applying law,
•    Interest in improving one’s professional qualifications,
•    Knowledge of the English language in the field of administrative law,
•    Scientific publications after having obtained Ph.D. in law,
•    Good communication skills, teamwork skills, flexibility, reliability, independence of thinking,

•    Full time employment under conditions provided for the position of an assistant professor (adiunkt),
•    Research within the scope set forth by the Chair of the Department,
•    Applying for grants on one’s own behalf and on behalf of the Department,
•    Teaching assignments as indicated by the Chair of the Department,
•    Administrative tasks assigned by Chair of the Department or by Director of the College of Law.

Prospective candidates may send their CV, motivational letter, list of publications, a copy of Ph. D. diploma, a written outline of future research with particular regard to research pertinent to obtaining the post doctoral degree, language certificate or an equivalent document, and the application for to be downloaded from : ) by 25 June 2018 to the address:

Biuro Spraw Pracowniczych
Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego
ul. Jagiellońska 59
03-301 Warszawa

We will contact selected candidates for an interview. Documents not collected within 3 months from the completion of the deadline to submit application will be destroyed by a commission.