Digital Marketing 2-year program - Specialization on the Master in Management Program

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Nowadays, no one needs to be convinced that digital marketing is an important element of every company's activity. It is clear that every organization small or large, private or public, Internet based or traditional is affected by digital transformation and each of them uses Internet marketing or at least tries to do it. The Digital Marketing specialization is the first two-year Master's program in Poland aimed at the education of well-prepared, modern marketers who understand the digital world and changes it evokes in every company or organization. Marketers who will not only successfully fulfill the tasks related to acquiring the client, but will be able to change the company's strategy.

I cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of Digital Marketing specialization. An innovative program, run by great specialists and recognized professors with achievements in e-business. A program whose partners include such brands as Accenture, Brand24, Sotrender or Salesmanago.

If you want to learn how to build e-marketing strategies, create websites, online stores, use Google or Facebook tools,  create graphics and video imaging,  use artificial intelligence in business or what business models will be best for a given on-line organization - this is the program for you. Thanks to the Digital Marketing specialization you will quickly build a career in a modern, digitized world.

We invite you to take up our studies!

Professor Grzegorz Mazurek
Leader of the Digital Marketing Specialization


The Digital Marketing program is a new, innovative specialization in the field of management, conducted in English.
The studies are intended to educate a modern marketing manager who:

  • Proficiently moves through the conditions of the digital economy, understands the contemporary world and the modern client
  • Knows how the Internet can change not only marketing, but also the whole organization and knows how to effectively implement such a change
  • Understands how modern technologies, i.e. social media, mobile, artificial intelligence or automation, change the functioning of the company
  • Will be able to effectively create a strategy, plan and tasks related to internet marketing (including social media marketing)
  • Perfectly knows and is able to use tools related to on-line promotion (e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, systems for marketing automation or e-mail marketing systems)
  • Knows how to start up and run an online store, understands the possibilities resulting from the use of online business models (e.g. crowdsourcing, sharing economy, model freemium etc.)
  • Perfectly knows web analytics, can use tools such as Google Analytics, Brand24, Sotrender and many other
  • Knows the basics of computer graphics and the preparation of on-line video materials.
  • Can cooperate in a virtual environment (virtual teams)
  • During his/her studies was in continuous contact with e-marketing and e-business practices
  • Recognizes the development opportunities of any organization, resulting from the phenomenon of digital transformation, through which every company or institution passes.
  • Can function freely in an international environment since the program is conducted in English

Katarzyna Bors, Marketing Operations Portfolio Lead for Poland, Accenture Operations:

Virtual world is at constant change – more and more customers are now leveraging digital for their day to day private and professional life. At Accenture we constantly strive to understand the challenges of our clients within digital world, help them to become digitally agile, establish effective digital presence and ensure that their campaigns, content that is posted as well as the impressions created by their consumers is led by example of best practices across industries. People are our key asset and success of Accenture is proven by capabilities of people that are daily managing the client relationship and digital challenges. Our primary focus is to ensure capabilities development of our people for the industry relevance. The partnership with Kozminski University on the Digital Marketing specialization is an instrumental part of this mindset as an opportunity to attract digitally oriented people – the talents who we think can find their desired place to work in our organization and take the opportunity of professional progression.


The program's partners:





  • The partners of the studies are recognized brands from the digital world, including: Accenture, Sotrender, Brand24, Salesmanago, which offer students among others internships, certification programs, free access to online tools, guest lectures and meetings with practitioners.
  • The program of the specialization is composed of many core subjects (over 800 didactic hours), carried out in the form of interactive workshops, seminars, exercises, computer laboratories and lectures.
  • Classes are taught by extraordinary lecturers and high-class e-marketing specialists with huge experience in e-marketing and e-business.
  • Students are in direct contact with companies from the new technology sector, taking part in classes with practitioners and implementing projects in the area of ​​e-marketing and e-business for specific companies.
  • A graduate of the Digital Marketing specialization will gain a huge range of specific competences and skills allowing for quick career building practically in every company.
  • Students are encouraged to take advantage of a six-month stay in one of the 200 renowned universities from around the world as part of an international exchange program. Additionally, the students have the opportunity to go for a paid internship abroad.
  • Studies are conducted in a full-time mode.


During your studies you will gain knowledge, skills and social competences among others in:

  • Comprehensive use of the Internet and network technologies in marketing - building e-marketing strategies, plans and tasks
  • Creating and managing websites
  • Cooperation and management of relations with a modern client
  • Building the company's popularity in the network (e-promotion)
  • Tools handling, i.e. Google Adwords and Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and marketing automation, CRM or analytical systems
  • Designing and conducting interaction with clients using social media (social media marketing)
  • Analyzing information online (web analyst)
  • IT project management and managint the team implementing these projects
  • Virtual team management
  • Use of artificial intelligence in business
  • Practical implementation of e-marketing projects for a selected company
  • Basics of computer graphics and video editing


After graduating from the Digital Marketing specialization in English, you can work in:

  • "Traditional" companies (so-called "brick and mortar"), treating Internet and Internet marketing as a necessary extension of their promotional or sales activities.
  • "Transforming" companies (so-called "bricks and clicks"), wishing to take advantage of new opportunities offered by the Internet in acquiring customers, cooperating with current customers and in the overall transformation of the business model (the so-called "digital transformation")
  • Internet companies (so-called "pure clicks"), who want to strengthen their position in the virtual market and exploit the advantages and potential of the digital environment in their operations even more.
  • Consulting companies, interactive agencies, social media agencies etc. providing Internet-related services to other companies
  • Companies from the new technologies sector
  • Startups and any new business ventures.

Examples of professions that a graduate of the Master in Digital Marketing will be well prepared for:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Digital Transformation Officer
  • Marketing Manager / Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing and Communication Manager
  • Relationship Management Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Consultant in Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Web Analyst


    • Artificial Intelligence in Business
    • Digital Transformation
    • Business Data Mining
    • Priciples of Project Management
    • CRM and Marketing Automation
    • Digital Consulting Project
    • Customer Portfolio Analysis
    • Virtual Teams
  • Digital Marketing II
  • E-commerce and E-business Strategy
  • Digital Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video and Graphic Design
  • Web Design and Management
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Legal Aspects of Virtualization


  • Full-time programs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.

Admission requirements 

Admission for Master programs at Kozminski University is based on personal interviews. Candidates who apply for a Master program in the same field in which they have previously obtained a Bachelor diploma are not required to participate in the interviews. 

Required documents 

Application for full time and part time Master's programs at Kozminski University must include:

  • application form - complete the form online, print and sign
  • original Bachelor/Master degree diploma or notarized copy and transcript of records
  • 1 signed passport photograph
  • copy of the national ID or a passport 
  • CV in English
  • at least one reference letter
  • motivational letter
  • proof of payment of the admission fee (non-refundable)
  • certificate confirming proficiency in English (unless the high school/university courses were taught in English) - e.g. FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, CEIBT issued by the University of Cambridge; IELTS (>=6.0 points); TOEFL IBT (>=87 points); TOEIC (at least 700 points from the test); LCCI (English for Business level 2, 3, 4); London Test of English certificates (PEARSON) - level 3, 4, 5 (certificates Edexcel). 
  • Polish citizens citizens who did their previous studies in English or who scored at least 95% on the basic level or 80% in the extended level from English Language at the Polish Matura or successfully went through the interview, can be excluded from submitting an English proficiency certificate. 
    List of documents confirming the knowledge of English language (pdf)

All documents issued in foreign languages should be translated into Polish or English by a sworn translator.

The admission fee for all programs delivered in English is 950 PLN for EU citizens and 1450 PLN for non-EU citizens.
Payment of the admission fee should be made to  the following bank account:

Name of the bank: Pekao S.A. II o/Warszawa
Address: Grzybowska 53/57,  Warszawa
Bank account number: 20 1240 1024 1111 0010 1646 0637

Candidates from foreign countries 

Foreigners who need a visa to study in Poland are additionally required to make payment of tuition for one full year of studies before we can issue documents necessary in the visa application process i.e. invitation to come to Poland and the admission decision. Admission commission issues a conditional acceptance letter including individual account number to which the payment should be transferred in Polish Złoty (PLN) calculated according to the exchange rates of the National Bank of Poland ( In case the candidate is denied a visa tuition is returned. Admission fee is non-refundable.

In case of visa, accommodations and other daily issues please contact our Students Support and Service Center:

Step-by-step admission procedures 


Register on-line

The admission form is available online or at the Admissions Office. 

Admission online 

Transfer from another university 



Make payment of the admission fee

The admission fee should be transferred to the Kozminski University bank account or made through the system available after completing the online application form.


Submit your application

All of the required documents should be submitted in the Admissions Office (in person or via regular post).




Qualification interview

Participation in the qualification interview is required in case of Polish candidates who choose a Master program in different field from the one which they studies in the Bachelor program.


Admission decision

The decision is issued on the day of submission of the application (if documents submitted in person) or within ten working days (if documents submitted via regular post).


Signing of the contract

The final step of the admission process is signing the agreement.




Digital Marketing Specialization (full-time) 

Paid in full Paid in five installments
Tuition for semester 10950 PLN 5 x 2210 PLN
in EUR* 2626 EUR* 5 X 530 EUR*
in USD* 3221 USD* 5 X650 USD*
Admission fee EU - 950 PLN non-EU - 1450 PLN
in EUR* 228 EUR* 348 EUR*
in USD* 280 USD* 427 USD*

* Exchange rates according to NBP table of 2018-01-16: 1 EUR = 4,1696 PLN, 1 USD = 3,4010 PLN
PRICES IN PLN ARE APPLIED. If you pay in EURO or USD please note that payments in EUR and USD are recalculated into PLN according to the exchange rate of Millennium Bank based on the day of receipt of payment to the Kozminski University bank account. Check current exchange rate.