Double Degree Bachelor in Management with DHBW Mannheim 3-year program

About the program 

In a world that is changing and innovating managers must possess skills that will enable them to adapt quickly to opportunities and threats. 

For this purpose, theoretical knowledge combined with practical experience is the best preparation. The Double Degree Bachelor Program in Management with Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Mannheim is the best of both worlds: academia and business practice. It provides students with an opportunity to participate in a unique international educational program, thus enabling them to study in two countries and optimize their academic knowledge with practical experience gained via possible internships in Germany. Christian Klein, CEO of SAP, among others, graduated from this university.

This program is available thanks to a partnership between Kozminski University and DHBW-Mannheim. The second year of studies is taught at DHBW-Mannheim and the first and third are taught at Kozminski University.

Graduates of this program will receive the following diplomas:

  • Kozminski University - Bachelor in Management, major: International Management
  • DHBW-Mannheim - The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Business Administration, International Business
Testimonials of alumni who participated in a program with DHBW

Lizaveta Makratsova, alumni of Kozminski University

My program is pretty unique and special when comparing it with other programs at Kozminski University. Here we are at the same time students of two universities as well as interns in chosen companies. During these 3 years we have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, what actually nowadays is the best preparation for the challenging future. But what I really do appreciate the most about this program is its diversity and multi-city feeling. In my small group of 15 students we have people from 6 countries, therefore, we have a lot of things to share and obviously it increases our cultural knowledge and communication abilities.

Joanna Burzec, alumni of Kozminski University

The added value for students, which are a part of the program is enormous. The business knowledge development, the overall world economy understanding, languages and social, management skills, and many others. This is the unique opportunity to study and work in a multinational environment and develop all the possible abilities on a daily basis, which no other university in Poland offers. There is nothing more valuable than combining the theoretical knowledge and then putting it into practice during internships. Theoretical part - the lectures at the two universities is essential and being in a small group (around 15 people) allows everybody to have the possibility to participate actively in the lectures, always ask questions and understand everything, going home with no doubts.This is the added value, which no other university in Poland can offer.

What you gain from your studies? 

  • Academic knowledge combined with practical experience at a recognized company
  • Knowledge and skills required for identification, diagnosis and solving problems in organizations
  • Extensive knowledge of international business management
  • Knowledge and skills regarding the intercultural aspects of management and organizations
  • The opportunity to develop competencies in a business setting with the help of a mentor
  • The ability to understand the dynamic and work in an international/multicultural team
  • Cross-cultural skills
  • Accelerated learning process for an earlier career start
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent networking opportunities
  • Decision making skills and self-confidence
  • Degrees from both Kozminski University and DHBW-Mannheim

Selected courses 

Semester 1 - Poland (KU)
    • Business English for LCCI
    • Foreign language II - German/ Polish/ Spanish
    • Computer Science
    • Ethics in Business
    • Principles of Management
    • Principles of Law
    • Quantitative Methods (I)
    • Interpersonal Communication
Semestr 2 - Poland (KU)
    • Business English for LCCI
    • Foreign language II - German/ Polish/ Spanish
    • Sports
    • Quantitative Methods (II)
    • Principles of Psychology
    • Critical Thinking
    • Principles of Finance
    • Microeconomics
    • Preparing Financial Statements
Semestr 3 - Germany (DHBW)
    • Introduction to Marketing
    • Accounting and Principles of Financial Statements Analysis
    • Corporate Taxation
    • Principles of International Market Research
    • International Operations Management
    • Managerial Statistics
    • Language and Interdisciplinary Studies 
    • Fundamentals of Macroeconomics
    • Commercial and corporate law
    • Theory of Science and Methods of Empirical Research
Semestr 4 - Germany (DHBW)
    • Human Resource Management
    • Organisation and Project management
    • Applied International Market Research
    • International Financial Management
    • Intercultural Management in Selected Operational Areas
    • Language and Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Money and Banking
    • Labor law, Basics of insolvency law
    • Applied Project Management
Semestr 5 - Poland (KU)
    • Introduction to economic policy and foreign trade
    • Elective Courses
    • Seminar in Management
Semestr 6 - Poland (KU)
    • Diploma Workshop
    • Sports
    • Strategic Management
    • Management Business Games
    • Basic Negotiation Skills
    • Sustainable Development
    • 'Born Global' Entrepreneurship
    • Organizational Diagnostics and Analysis
    • Internship
    • Bachelor Thesis8

Class schedule 

  • Full-time programs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.

Admission requirements 

Double Degree program in Management is available only to students of standard Bachelor in Management program. Students should apply during the third semester of the standard program for the possibility to participate in the Double Degree. The admission requirements for Bachelor in Management are available HERE

The admission to Double Degree program is based on students GPA during studies at Kozminski University. Double Degree application may require submission of additional documents. Concerning the details you may contact the Coordinator of Double Degree programs:

Ms. Paulina Seroka

tel. +48 22 519 24 93