We invite you to an online meeting for candidates for postgraduate studies Transition Manager Academy

During this session we will try to answer the question:

What it is to be a leader of others for processes of significant transitional change in VUCA world?

The Covid-19 pandemic is classic VUCA and the enforced cessation of life as normal is an opportunity for curiosity - to assess the behaviours of leaders across national, cultural and political boundaries.

So what is the role of a leader in times of crisis? As leaders what should we do now if we haven't taken care of it before? According to Christopher Worley, an agile organization is one that changes faster and better than the others.

  • What leaders are needed today to lead organizations through permanent and complex changes?
  • How do we draw on the leadership learnings of a pre Covid world in order to thrive post Covid?

We will try to answer these questions touching such topics as teaming, learning organisation, authenticity, humble leadership… and more.

Monday,  29.06.2020 at 17.00

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Free of charge. Limited number of participants.


17:00 – Welcome

17:05-17:20 – Introduction to Transition Manager Academy

17:20 -19:00 – Debate: What it is to be a leader of others for processes of significant transitional change in VUCA world?

19:00 – 20:00 - Questions and answers


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Our guests:

  • Mike Rawlins,  coach, author and Programme Management Consultant, Transition Manager Academy lecturer
  • Przemysław Kotecki, Global Program and Project Manager, Netguru’s Head of Operations, Transition Manager Academy lecturer
  • Michał Rączka, IT Strategy and Project Management Vice Director at mBank S.A., Transition Manager Academy lecturer
  • Małgorzata Kusyk, Project Management Consultant, Transition Manager Academy program coordinator and lecturer
  • Hanna Buze, project management expert, Transition Manager Academy lecturer


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Meeting coordinator

Małgorzata Cybulska

Educational adviser

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