Doctorate  (Ph.D.)


Rafał Dobosz

Ph.D. Programme Office Director

Kozminski University

Jagiellonska str 59, office A/105

03-301 Warsaw

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Do you wish to become a researcher at world’s best universities? Are you looking for a rigorous Ph.D. programme provided by one of the best research business school in Central Europe? Then the full-time Ph.D. in Management, organised by Kozminski University, is the programme for you. 

The doctoral programme at Kozminski University offers high-calibre management researchers the chance to work closely with faculty at the forefront of their fields, to be part of a vibrant research community and to benefit from the resources and reputation of the University.


We are looking for candidates - early stage research professionals - that have a passion for research and have the ambition to become leading scholars in their field. Doctoral programme at Kozminski University provides rigorous training with courses that cover a wide range of topics and research methods. You will also work closely with your supervisor. Kozminski University is a relatively young school, but it has already generated outstanding research strengths in many areas: accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, international business, marketing, management science, management information systems and strategy.

The Ph.D. programme is an opportunity to prepare for your future entry into the world of international academics by the means of participations in scientific projects and events as well as publications.


I look forward to working with you,
Professor Dorota Dobija


  • Duration of course: 4 academic years
  • Start date: October
  • Schedule: Full Time
  • Language: English
  • Degree: Doktor nauk ekonomicznych
  • Campus: Kozminski University Campus in Warsaw
  • Participants' profile: Participants must have an interest in research in addition to excellent academic transcripts. The programme is open to graduates from various disciplines (Management, Economics, Engineering, Psychology, Sociology and other disciplines related to management) who aim to make significant theoretical and methodological contributions to Management Research
  • Admissions Process:  The admission process is continuous. The application process starts:
  • first round in May and finishes on August 24,
  • second round (subject to place availability) to - 

However, we recommend that you begin the admission process as soon as possible.

Candidates from the outside of the European Union should also take into account the additional time needed for visa applications.


We expect that the students completing the Ph.D. programme will be able to:

  • analyse and formulate relevant research questions, that aim at making significant contributions to their field of research,  
  • conceptualise and implement with rigor research designs and methodologies that allow to contribute to expand the frontiers of knowledge in their research field,
  • effectively and clearly communicate orally and in writing, participate in international conferences, collaborate in international research groups and publish in top journals,
  • be able to hold positions in leading academic and research institutions, lead research, development and innovation projects in various organizations outside of academia.

Kozminski is a school with a view and with a vision. Ph.D. candidates enter a diverse environment for creative leadership that challenges their minds and hearts to create a better world. Kozminski is a leader in terms of addressing ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, while exploring philosophical and artistic aspects of managing and leading. Creativity and innovation are at the very heart of Kozminski University Ph.D. programme.

We offer you:

  • internationally acclaimed faculty,
  • a challenging, creative and supportive environment for exploring issues that matter to you,
  • an atmosphere of collegiality and inspiration,
  • engagement at deep levels of research, knowledge creation, questioning and reflection.

We are looking for candidates - early stage research professionals - that have a passion for research and have the ambition to become leading scholars in their field

Characteristics of a potential candidate for a Kozminski University Ph.D. programme:

  • is ambitious,
  • aspires to build a career in management research,
  • is able to analyse complex problems,
  • is highly proficient in English,
  • has obtained excellent study results in the past,
  • has a Master degree in a field that is relevant to his or her Ph.D. project.



The PhD in Management at Kozminski University turned out to be the best foundation for my current work in academia- both as a faculty member as well as young scholar. After graduation I feel equipped to address real managerial problems, present my research at international forums and deliver its results to the practitioners.

I believe this program was a perfect blend of three components. Above everything else, intense classroom discussions led by an excellent faculty, who constantly challenged us, shaped our deep understanding of theory and helped us to bring out the essence of it. Equally important was freedom to explore our own research interests, to follow them, while getting the proper guidance on the way. And finally, all of that complemented with an optimal environment, which ensured a rich diversity of backgrounds in the classroom. Consequently, we were able to create a unique knowledge sharing platform, supporting each other and pushing each other for better research proposals, articles and scholarly presentations.

I was extremely happy to have the ability not only to be trained to take the academic role, but most of all to collaborate with my supervisor, who became my mentor. That individual approach is very rare and inspires you to push your limits further every day and develop yourself. Taking this path you can become a true professor and bring your own piece of a puzzle as a contribution to the body of knowledge.

Anna Olszewska, Ph.D. Candidate


Participants must have an interest in research in addition to excellent academic transcripts. The programme is open to graduates from various disciplines (Management, Economics, Engineering, Psychology, Sociology and other disciplines related to management) that aim to make significant theoretical and methodological contributions to Management Research.


The regular period of doctoral studies is four years. In the first two years scientific-methodical courses are to be completed as well as courses in management and economics. Years 3 and 4 are primarily devoted to writing the thesis. The course of study ends with the “disputation”.

The students of the programme who are closely linked to the researching and teaching activities of the faculty members, are given four years to fully conduct their personal research project. These four years are an opportunity for them to prepare their future entry into the world of international academics by the means of publications and participations in scientific events.


Two processes are designed to help students make progress in their thesis work:

Progress Workshop: each of the doctoral students presents their progress in their research study at least once per year. The objective is not to evaluate the work but to help the student in his or her research orientation. This workshop gathers doctoral students, the thesis director, the programme director and other professors chosen internally or externally in accordance with the thesis subject.

Annual Assessment: each of the doctoral students presents a general result of his or her activities (thesis, publications, teachings, assistance, etc.) and his or her projects planned for the following year. The objective is to validate the work done in the previous year and to prepare the stages planned for the following year. The participants include: the thesis director, the programme director and possibly other professors chosen internally or externally. It takes place in June.



 The main goal of the Ph.D. programme is to help its students acquire the fundamental skills of a researcher as well as a teacher. The students also work towards their thesis, a research project of great importance and of the utmost quality. Apart from the dissertation work, the doctoral programme provides a general and thorough research training, a chosen field of specialization and a teaching and educational training, totalling around 500 course hours.


The programme has 7 modules:

  • Introduction to doing research,
  • Methods workshops,
  • Selected discipline topics,
  • Advanced research topics,
  • Research hand-on,
  • Teaching experience,
  • Skills workshops.


Possible areas of Ph.D.

Step-by-step admission procedures 


Personal Questionnaire and Application

In order to begin the process, complete your Personal Questionnaire, Application and Characteristics of the research interest.


Submit your application package

Submit the complete set of documents at the Ph.D. Office (room A105) in person
or via mail or e-mail:


Supporting documents

Submit all of the supporting documents.


Tests and Interview

Test - September:


a) proficiency test to check the level of logical reasoning skills,

b) an assessment of the knowledge of foreign languages,

c) a 3-page Research Problem Statement.

Interview with the candidate conducted by the Recruitment Committee

Candidates are informed about the results of their qualification interview no more than 3 days after the interview.


Admission decision and the contract

Upon receiving the admission decision, a candidate should sign a contract regarding the payment of tuition


We attach great importance to the three criteria: your prior academic background; the relevance of your proposed research problem; the fit of your proposal within the overall research activity of our Faculty.

Applicants to the Kozminski University Ph.D. Programme must hold a Master degree or equivalent and must have a solid knowledge of English.

The first step in the selection process is the application file.

Documents to provide:

  • Application form,
  • Personal Questionnaire,
  • CV
  • Characteristics of the research interest
  • Copies of diplomas and transcript your degrees (Bachelor and Master),
  • Photocopy of ID card or passport,
  • 1 digital photo and 4 recent passport-size photos,
  • Application fees (150€) and payment confirmation
  • Health certificate.

Candidates selected by the admissions committee after a first screening will have half an hour to present their motivation to the interview panel. The date and the time will be set individually for each candidate.


To be considered for a position in the Ph.D. in Management programme candidates are expected to have:

At least an MSc, MA or MPhil degree in business or economics, or from related fields such as psychology, sociology, engineering, mathematics, etc. (depending on Ph.D. project).

Excellent results in their first degree/graduate study.

Explicit interest in and motivation for scientific research.

Please do contact KU for additional information in case you do not have test results.

If the medium of your university education (Bachelor and Master programme) was English, you may submit a TOEFL/IELTS waiver request. The final decision on the waiver request will be made by KU.

In addition to these formal requirements, candidates for the Programme are selected on the basis of their CVs, test results, and interview(s) with the potential supervisor(s).


Ph.D. (year 1,2,3,4): in 2017 PhD Programme is fre of charge.

Students entering the Ph.D. programme are also required to pay the registration fee. (150).

Grant opportunities can be provided:

  • by the Polish Government (see: for more details),
  • by the government of the country of origin (foreign students), depending on the country.


Kozminski University scholarship

Kozminski University is a non-profit private institution. Financial aid based on a need and merit may be granted by Kozminski University in the form of scholarships. The main sources of financing are listed below. Those funds will not be sufficient to cover full tuition.


 Each year, the Kozminski Foundation finances new students projects. Access to the scholarship is competitive.

The process is the following: The Scholarship Committee, on the basis of students' personal resources, family and social situation, will select certain students who will join the Kozminski University Research Assistants.


They will:

  • Qualify for a monthly allowance,
  • Not be required to pay the annual programme fee,
  • These conditions may be granted either together or separately.


Kozminski University Bank Account

Bank Pekao S.A, No. account 20 1240 1024 1111 0010 1646 0637,

IBAN: PL20124010241111001016460637, SWIFT: PKOPPLPW.





Visiting Ph.D. candidates admission to Kozminski University Ph.D

Kozminski University PhD program will consider applications under the following situations:

  • The candidate must have successfully completed at least one academic year in his/her university of origin. At Kozminski University, he/she must work in the same or similar field of study.
  • Visiting candidates should have a Kozminski University faculty member who will act as tutor during his/her stay. Information on Research Centers, Departments and individual faculty can be found on the university’s website .
  • Visiting candidates will have a space assigned to them in the PhD candidates’ study area, a student ID, access to the library and the right to participate in general PhD programme activities.
  • Candidates must to justify that they have secured funds for the period of stay at Kozminski University and well as a medical insurance in case of accident for the period corresponding to their stay. The latter shall be accredited when formalising registration.
  • Candidates do not have to pay any additional registration fee. There is a fee to officially enrol in courses / seminars.

Visiting candidates have the right to attend class and sit exams for the courses in which they have enrolled. They will also receive a document (not a certificate) signed by PhD programme management, listing their marks and credits. If the visiting student does not take said exams, he/she will receive a letter from PhD programme management confirming his/her attendance. Those students who will not be at Kozminski University for the full duration of the courses in which they have enrolled may not sit the corresponding exams.

Application process:

PhD candidates should send an application form to  Mr. Rafał Dobosz at, together with the following documents and information, to be submitted to the PhD programme committee that either accepts or rejects the candidate for the period requested.
The application must be presented at least 3 months prior to the period requested.

Documentation required for admission:

  • Application form
  • Letter of recommendation from his/her university tutor,
  • Letter of recommendation from his/her PhD programme director,
  • CV,
  • Copy of his/her passport,
  • Copy of his/her registration in the university’s PhD programme,
  • Proof of medical coverage/insurance,
  • Certified transcript from his/her university, detailing the classes or credits passed and marks from studies carried out previously, and
  • Research proposal.