Student Life 

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Student Council 

Kozminski University Student Council is an incredible adventure; it is a perfect place for those, who want to develop their passions, accomplish their goals, pursue dreams but at the same time gain valuable experience. We are here because we want the voice of our student community to be strong. We create student life events, we fight for rights of all students, we promote our University and support all kinds of student initiatives.

The board of our Student Council is an administrative board. We act as representatives of Kozminski University in domestic and international organizations gathering university students from around the world. We are particularly proud to be part of the PSRP (the Polish Students' Parliament) and MONSSUN (Polish Independent Intercollegiate Student Association of Non-public Colleges). Along with our University authorities we decide about division of awards granted from the public budget as well as Kozminski University awards and scholarships. We support all kinds of scientific, cultural, athletic, travel related initiatives etc. The board was chosen by all students in a covert election and appointed by the Rector and our main goal is to constantly support and represent students of our University.

Student Council 2015-2017

Krystian Biba – Chairman of the Student Council

+48 502 045 542

Jakub Paster – Vice-Chairman of the Student Council

+48 516 143 119

Krzysztof Mrukwa – Board Member (financial matters) 

+48 535 953 944

Marta Ziembińska– Board Member (scientific matters)

+48 514 772 119

Marcin Wójcik – Board Member (cultural matters)

+48 607 372 100




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