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When applying for an exchange under the Erasmus + Program, you have two options:

- Studies exchange - to a foreign university collaborating with your home university;

Placement exchange  - to a foreign company or institution collaborating with your university.


Placement exchange

Kozminski University students have the opportunity to implement an international internship under the Erasmus + Placement Program. This is an extraordinary opportunity, for a several month training period, at a foreign company or organization, based in one European country, in order to gain international work experience

The placement should be tightly connected with your field of studies. In some cases, it will be an integral part of the study period (obligatory internship), in the other - will enable the acquisition of new skills and abilities (optional internship).

The host institution, which accepts a student for the internship, must be located in a country participating in the Erasmus + program.

A student accepted for an international exchange has full right to apply for a scholarship, for the  period of the placement, in accordance with the rates given by the EU.

We would like to invite anyone interested in participating in the Erasmus + Placement Program to read the rules of recruitment  and to apply for an internship!


Who can apply for an exchange under the Erasmus + Placement Program?

1. A person who has a student’s status  - it’s a must to be registered at a university leading to a degree/diploma (bachelor's, engineer's, master's or doctoral degree - both full-time and part-time);

2. A student may take part in the Erasmus + Placement Program, after the completion of the third semester of study. In exceptional cases, a student may apply earlier (than the third semester) for this opportunity, after obtaining the acceptance of the placement request from the Rector’s Proxy for Student Internship Matters.

Where can you go?

In the framework of the Erasmus + Placement Program, you can go to a foreign company, research institutions, non-profit organizations and other institutions (government entities, museums, libraries, hospitals, etc.).

You are not allowed to realize the Erasmus + placement in EU institutions, the institutions responsible for the management of EU programs, or Polish diplomatic missions abroad.

A group of the EU institutions, which the placement cannot be realized are listed: here

The student has the opportunity to take advantage of the offers recommended by the University or the self-selection of an organization that would like to realize an internship.

For how long can you go?

For a period of three to twelve months, within one academic year.


Any student who would like to participate in the Erasmus + Placement Program is entitled to apply for a scholarship for the period of the planned internship. A scholarship is allocated based on the amount of the grant, which was awarded to the University. The amount depends on EU guidelines and is contained within 400 to 600 EUR per month, depending on the country where the internship takes place.


Admission requirements for students planning to realize an international internship and are applying for a scholarship:


1. Check  admission requirements for an international placement exchange

2. Check placement offers, recommended by the University

3. Take part in the recruitment procedure, conducted by the chosen organisation (organisation recommended by the University or chosen on your own)

4. If your application is approved, please submit the following to the International Relations Office:

- registration form

- CV

- cover letter

- copy of language certificate or KU lecturer confirmation

5. After submitting the above mentioned documents, you will be asked to fill out a Training Agreement Form in cooperation with your host organisation.

As soon as the Coordinator of International Internships at KU, receives a filled out TA, you will be provided with a Financial Agreement to sign up and with a Bank Account Form to fill out.

6. After the completed placement, you will be ask to provide the University with:

- an Evaluation form

- a certificate of the internship


1 Global Translators


Internship Offer:

We are a translation agency located in Barcelona, Spain, which offers translation and interpretation services in all languages. We give you the opportunity to do an internship for a minimum period of three months in these departments:

-       Web Marketing

-       Human Resources

And a minimum of five months in the Project Coordination Department.  

Task description:

In Marketing/Web Marketing department the work consists of positioning in Google and other search engines (SEO), Web Design, Graphic and advertising campaigns and marketing on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, Linked-in ....), Blogging, etc. A high level of fluency in English is required.

In the Human Resources department you will be responsible for coordinating new employees and interns. For example you will update advertisements on Job Vacancies Websites, contact applicants for internship, and look for new translators. You will also manage the CV’s sent in. An intermediate level of Spanish is required.

Project Coordination tasks will include accepting translation requests from customers, looking for appropriate translators to take on specific jobs, managing delivery dates, and maintaining contact with customers and translators. A high level of fluency in Spanish is required.

The internship is not remunerated, but urban travel costs are paid for by the company.

We are looking for responsible and multidisciplinary students.

Minimum requirements:

- Spanish or English
- Office Pack (user level)
- Internship Agreement from University/College

If you are interested, you can send us your CV by email to:

For further information, please contact the Human Resources Department:

1Global Translators

Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes 392, 5º 2ª

08015 Barcelona (España)

Tel.: +34





To download: Internship offer

Biz partner

About the company:

We believe that the rules of business will alter dramatically over the coming years. Power will switch from the giants to a network of millions of individuals, if you believe in what we're saying you've come to the right place as we're leading the change.

It's our job to present new opportunities to you every day, it's then up to you to make the most of them by getting involved. Don't wait for things to happen, make things happen.

We call our mission "From $0 to a $BILLION" and you can be a part. At the moment we don't know how long it'll take or how many of you will be needed, what we do know is that together we'll get there.

Bloom consulting


Bloom Consulting is an international consultancy company, with headquarter based in Madrid, Spain.

Bloom Consulting expertise lies in country branding, the development of strategies for countries and private companies, as well as human resource management. We have been interviewed by the Economist and Forbes Magazine, and have been categorized as one of the key players in the world in this matter. We work hand in hand with many governments, as can be attested by our work with the Latvian, Poland, Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian and Bulgarian governments and such companies as Telefonica, Ikea, McDonalds and more.

To download: FAQ, Internship-Analyst, Internship - IT Manager, Internship - Media & Communications Manager, Internship- Technical Analyst, Internship-Public Relations Manager, Internship - HR, Internship -  Project Manager

British International School





The British International School is a school of English accredited by the British Council located in London, New York and Edinburgh, specialised in hosting groups of students for holiday stay or study trips, offering a different range of English courses (IELTS, Cambridge and Trinity) and accommodation.

Our departments are mostly specialised in Marketing, Tourism and Booking Management.

We aim to get the most from people, emphasizing and evaluating their professional and personal skills.

We are mostly interested in students with B2/C1 Level of English, Russian mother tongue speakers with previous studies in Marketing, Economics, Modern Languages or IT.

High hiring perspectives at the end of the internship whenever students demonstrate being successful, efficient and effective in any assigned task.


To download: Placement offer form, IT internship, Management & Tourism internship, Social Media internship

Caetano Baviera Aveiro



Caetano Baviera Aveiro belongs to Salvador Caetano Group. This Group was founded in 1946 by Mr. Salvador Caetano. The Group has more than 150 companies and more than 6.000 employees. Our core business is automobile industry and trade. We are Importer for Portugal the car brands Toyota and Lexus; World leader of production of airport buses; business in Europe, Africa, Asia and America; produce aeronautic components for Airbus and so on.

Our founder Mr. Salvador Caetano said one day that “… today like yesterday our goal is still the future”.

Caetano Baviera was founded in 1982 by Mr. Salvador Caetano JR and it was Importer for Portugal the car brands BMW and MINI until 2005 when BMW Portugal start his activity in the country. Nowadays Caetano Baviera is the most important Dealer Group in BMW Retail business with a share of almost 50%.

Caetano Baviera Aveiro are located in the center of the country in a Business Unit (DCC) that includes three BMW Dealer Contracts: Aveiro, Viseu and Santa Maria da Feira with a share of 10% in BMW Dealer Net.

We are a company mainly formed by young people that works very hard trying always to exceed all of our targets. We never give up. Sometimes we fall but immediately we stand up and try again. It´s the only way we believe be possible to win in business world.



To download: Placement offer form



CASAMUNDO is the European market leader in online-based holiday home rentals and one of the fastest growing Internet companies in Europe.

CASAMUNDO recruits highly qualified employees with an unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit. We provide superior service with an excellent focus on customer service - our customers have awarded us the TÜV mark VERY GOOD.

Sophisticated online technologies and active marketing strategies (online, offline, TV etc.) are the foundation of our success, our continued exceptional growth and international expansion.


CASAMUNDO ist europäischer Marktführer im Bereich online-basierter Ferienhaus- und Ferienwohnungsvermittlung und eines der am schnellsten wachsenden Internetunternehmen in Europa.

Bei CASAMUNDO arbeiten hochqualifizierte Mitarbeiter mit einem Know-How und Spirit, der seinesgleichen sucht. Wir bieten erstklassigen Service mit einer ausgezeichneten Dienstleistungsorientierung – unsere Kunden geben uns die TÜV Note SEHR GUT.

Ausgefeilte Online-Technologien und offensive Marketingstrategien (Online, Offline, TV, etc.) sind die Basis für unseren Erfolg und unser weiteres überdurchschnittliches Wachstum sowie unsere internationale Expansion.


To download: Internship offer, Internship offer - Online marketing


Deutsche Post DHL Inhouse Consulting GmbH


Inhouse Consulting is the strategy and management consultancy of Deutsche Post DHL, the No. 1 international logistics group. Working “in house”, we support the top management of Deutsche Post DHL in shaping the future of their businesses – worldwide. With an ambitious and highly motivated team of more than 110 consultants we develop high-impact solutions for the business challenges of today and tomorrow.


To download: Internship, Placement offer form



e-Travel is one of the top 10 online travel agencies in Central South Eastern Europe (CESE)and one of the most successful start-up ventures in Greece. Launched in 2005 we have reached a gross sales volume of EUR 230 Mio. We operate 7 websites in 15 languages, being a top 5 player in the rapidly growing Russian market. Websites:,,,,,,

To download: Internship offer





Entrypark is an international platform for high potentials, top employers, and top schools founded in 2007 aa part of Potentialpark Group next to the Potentialpark Communications AB and iHipo AB. All three entities operate internationally and are present on many markets across the globe, with especially strong present in Germany, France, UK other European countries, USA and Asia. The company is situated in Stockholm. 

Entrypark's mission is to spring-board ambitious job seekers' careers by facilitating their information-gathering and decision-making. By communicating relevant and valuable career information and opportunities from the world's best employers, it aims to be the premier source of recruitment knowledge and insights for both job seekers and recruiters. 

Entrypark facilitates communication between employers, universities and students through:
-Online platform – with nearly 30,000 members from 194 countries, top employers and over 800 universities
-On-campus events and publications – Entrypark International Career Book delivered to top universities worldwide in 8 regional editions with a business and engineering focus
-Events –  Entrypark's expertise includes promoting  business games such as Ace Manager Challenge, adidas Guerrilla Marketing Challenge, EDF Energy Task Force, GDF Suez Golden Mission and others.

One of most valuable assets of Entrypark is its close network of 800 top universities across the world.


To download: Internship-Media Analyst, Internship-Research Consulting, Internship-Sales Account Manager

Global Recruiters of Czech Republic


Global Recruiters of Czech Republic is a boutique Executive Search & Recruitment firm, offering client companies and candidates integrity, personal attention, confidentiality and professional standards. The GRN Czech team is comprised of highly committed and work dedicated recruitment professionals, who are always delighted to discover new talents for & in the Central and Eastern European job market.

To download: Placement offer-Project Coordinator, Placement offer-Social Media

Global Student Services S.L.

Global Student Services has 2 different business lines:


RoomSpain ( , is a student housing company created in 2010 being the core of the company.

With headquarters located in Sevilla ( , Spain, we have offices in Córdoba and Granada.
Our company offers a diverse range of accommodation services for international students during they stay in Spain:

-          Accommodation in Spanish families

-          Rooms in shared flats

-          Student residences

Online services:

Launched in summer 2013 we are developing an au pair agency to help internationals to find an au pair job in Spain.
This social media aims to help student to meet each other and offer relevan informations for students coming to Spain for a Erasmus program.

We are a small size company, operating in different cities with customers from all over the world.
If you want to learn while you have fun in a dynamic and opened environment, we can guarantee you that Global Student Services is the right place for you!


To download: Placement offer



Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. And while we’re committed to building the perfect search engine, our work goes well beyond delivering accurate search results. The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that made our company a success right from the start underpins the work we do every day, from constantly pushing the boundaries of our products to researching alternative energies or devising new ways to interact with our clients.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just hire engineers. Whether it’s developing new business strategies, enhancing customer happiness, providing online marketing consultancy to our clients or bringing products to market, there are plenty of graduate opportunities at Google that don’t involve algorithms.


We are currently accepting applications for a range of technical and non-technical, full-time opportunities and we are interested in final year students and recent graduates from all disciplines. If you are thinking about full-time career with Google, please visit the following links:

·  SMB Sales -

·  SMB Services -



Heart of Andalusia


Heart of Andalusia is more than another company tours or guided tours company. We are committed to quality and we provide walking tours that go beyond the standard. Among our objectives is to work and offer educational topics and activities in nature, for all find more information in our website.

Heart of Andalusia is changing the way we do guided tours, activities with schools, associations or any group to visit us. Our media and information resources are organized in such a way that we overcome the standards that exist in the European market. We work with hotels, inns, restaurants and other local businesses in our city. This synergy not only means better results for our clients, but also for our partners.

The commitment to the promotion of an international network of partners means that we want to go further, we want to be proud of Andalusia teach all who visit us. We also provide customized tours and excursions, private and customized.

To download: Placement offer



Passion for people development

We continuously invest in the further development of our team members by providing them opportunities across functional and geographical borders as well as promote a career as an expert. This is made possible by various development trainings and promotion opportunities. That it works is proven by the fact that around 80 percent of the management positions are filled with internal candidates.

Integrating new team members

We want you to be successful and we invest in your seamless integration into Hilti. Our “Let’s Start Together” Program will hep you to gain an in-depth understanding of our company, our culture and the job. This process simplifies your start in the new team and allows you to utilize your strengths from day one.

We promote your development

We will leverage your strengths and match them with the right career opportunities within the organization. We provide you clear success criteria. Together with your team leader you define your individual business and development targets and you receive regular feedback in an ongoing review and coaching process. All team leaders are measured on two criteria: Developing people and achieving outstanding results. This shows how important people development is to us.

Please submit your application in online tool at (category internship).

To download: brochure

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), is an international, not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation, registered in the USA and Germany, with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The ICD is focused on the theory and practice of cultural diplomacy to promote global peace and stability through strengthening and supporting intercultural relations at all levels. The Institute’s main activity is focused on research,  holding events to raise awareness of cultural communities, conducting international and interdisciplinary congresses and symposiums highlighting the actors and various approaches related to the field, and offering educational programs, in partnership with leading European universities and institutions, dedicated either wholly or in part to the field of cultural diplomacy. More information about the activities of the ICD can be found under:

To download: Internship Program



ITSECTOR- Sistemas de Informação, S.A is a technology based company that began activity in 2005.

It is characterized as a dynamic and young company, led by a strong technological competence in the IT sector and focused on its’ target clients.

In Portugal it is located in Oporto (where the headquarters are located) and Lisbon, and it a presence in Poland, United Kingdom, Angola and Mozambique.

Its’ activity focuses on the development of projects and the integration of computer software applications, consultancy and outsourcing specialized in markets such as Banking, Telecommunications, Public Administration Commerce and Services.

The companies´ main focus is innovation and development of efficient solutions for its´ clients associated with technological services and the adapting of clients business processes, so that they may identify ITSector as a partner of excellence in their business and not just a simple service provider.

With a team of over 200 worthily qualified professionals, ITSector is a young and dynamic company characterized by strong experience in the sector of IT. Our main aim is innovation, and implementing efficient solutions for our clients, acting in areas of software development, system integration, consulting and specialized outsourcing.


To download: Placement offer


Laspartners is a wholesales company in welding equipment and necessities. We have several branches in the Netherlands and 1 in Belgium. Next to the sales of products, we offer a lot of services like: rental of equipment, education, maintenance and repair, etc. Our customers range from small, for example one person workshops, to big, for example ship building.

To download: Placement offer

Leszek J. Olejniczak - Geschäftsstelle für Deutsche Vermögensberatung


The company Leszek J. Olejniczak - Geschäftsstelle für Deutsche Vermögensberatung is an independent representative office for the DVAG - German Financial Advisors’ Association in Hamburg which exists in the market since 1990.

 The DVAG is a leader in Germany in the finance services sector. A team of advisors cooperates with the most renowned financial institutions. The DVAG has its own system of continual employee training (schooling) in 11 cities in Germany and 3 cities in Austria. The company operates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company specializes in service in complex areas of insurance, finance and banking. The organization and optimization of private financial situation in comparison with individual customer needs is our priority. It advises in choosing the appropriate insurance system for companies and advises in the area of start-up businesses in Germany (without the need to get employed) – these are areas in which the company expands with great success. Furthermore, the company gives advice in corporate law, labor law and tax law.

To download: Internship offer


LKW Walter

LKW WALTER was founded in 1924 and is one of the largest full truck load companies in Europe. It is among Austria's Top 100 companies. We focus on the organisation of full truck loads throughout Europe and to/from Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Since 1984 LKW WALTER has been a pioneer in the development of combined road/rail and Short-Sea shipping. The WALTER GROUP is one of Austria's most successful private companies.

To dowloand: Placement offer



Logosol is a Swedish based international company developing and selling unique machines and services within wood processing and woodworking. With innovative and affordable solutions, we have visibly changed forestry and woodworking for more than 20 years. Our products are known for simplicity of design, reliability, and efficiency. The modular nature of our products and accessories mean that our customers can easily upgrade at the same rate as the growth of their business. The most diverse range of products and service in 65 countries make us global leaders in our industry. Please take the time to get to know our company!

To download: Placement offer form


MM Barcoding Ltd. is a medium-small size company founded by Martin Mulligan in 1984. The company’s headquarter is located in St. Helens, Merseyside in UK. 

MM Barcoding Ltd. is an expanding company and constantly looking for committed students for the internship vacancies. MM Barcoding Ltd. is an international company specialized in barcode products and RFID solutions centered on the following areas:

-Label Printers, Thermal Print heads and other barcode products

-Barcode labels and Thermal ribbons

-Maintenance of barcode products, especially label printers and barcode scanners.

-RFID solutions  - Consultancy and training courses 

The company has 25 years of experience in the industry with excellent links to EU countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy or France. 

We permanently offer internship positions in the fields of Finance, HR, IT, Service/Marketing and Supply Chain.  We want to give the opportunity to work in a dynamic team with people from all over the world and the possibility to take real responsibility and to gain real professional experience

This opportunity will improve the student’s English skills by living and working in a British business environment

To download: Supply Chain Internship, Finance Internship, Marketing Internship, IT Internship, HR Internship

MPA Consulting


MPA Consulting, Michael A. Potter International, Manchester, UK

MPA Consulting is a Management Consultancy that specialises in Business, HR Management and Training, and is one of the UK's leading providers of "Agenda for Change" Panel Work and Consultancy, including the provision of Training and Job Evaluation to NHS. 

MPA Consulting specialises in Change Management, Organisational Development as well as Recruitment and Selection. The MPA Consultants assist organisations in developing effective people strategies, plans, policies and systems which help contribute to long-term commercial success. From HR professionals to occupational psychologists and trainers MPA Consulting has the capacity to deliver high quality expertise and solutions to organisation.

To download: Letter of Intent , Placement offer



Key Figures

Company name *

Nike European Headquarters

Address *

Colosseum 1
1213 NL Hilversum

Telephone number *

035 626 6300

E-mail *

Website *

Year of foundation


Number of active countries

160 active countries all around the globe

Head office globally

Portland, Oregon, USA

Head office in The Netherlands

Hilversum (also the European Headquarter)

Number of employees globally

Over 30,000

Number of employees in The Netherlands

Over 1500


Number of yearly internships in The Netherlands

More than 70

Company Profile


Consumer Goods


It started with a handshake between two visionary Oregonians: Bowerman and his University of Oregon runner Phil Knight. They and the people they hired evolved and grew the company that became Nike Inc.

From a US-based footwear distributor Nike grew into to a global marketer of athletic footwear, apparel and equipment that is unrivaled in the world. Along the way, Nike has established a strong Brand Portfolio with several wholly-owned subsidiaries including Cole Haan, Converse Inc., Hurley International LLC, NIKE Golf, and Umbro Ltd.

That includes more than 30,000 Nike employees across six continents, each of whom is making his own contribution to fulfill our mission statement: to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

Nike does more than outfit the world’s best athletes. We are a place to explore potential, obliterate boundaries, and push out the edges of what can be. We are looking for people who can grow, think, dream and create. We thrive in a culture that embraces diversity and rewards imagination. We seek achievers, leaders and visionaries. At Nike, it is about bringing what you have to a challenging and constantly evolving game.

At Nike, every employee brings inspiration and innovation to our business.  And others have also taken notice. In the last years, we have been named to Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies To Work For as well as Business Week’s Top 100 Best Places To Launch A Career lists.

As the world’s largest sports company, we also go beyond the game to work with communities and cultures around the globe.

Our Internship Program

“Don’t dream of winning, train for it”

Mo Farah

With our Internship Program we want to train young talents to develop their potential. In our European headquarter, based in Hilversum, we offer a wide variety of opportunities.

Our nature friendly campus hosts over 1,500 employees coming from all over Europe (and beyond). Our cutting edge facilities and our dynamic environment make working at Nike an unforgettable experience for each young talent who is passionate about sport and sportswear.

We seek people who are willing to explore their potential and push their boundaries. Are you up to the challenge? If you are, here’s what you need to do to apply for a job or an internship in our Headquarters.

Most of our internships are in the following fields: Merchandising, Fashion and Design, Product Management, Retail, HR, Finance, Marketing and Sales.

You can do so by visiting our website and applying directly for our available positions.

As part of our Internship Program, we are looking for:

•                  Students enrolled at University or any other relevant institution for the entire duration of the internship program;

•                  A major preferably in: business sciences, design, merchandising, product management, apparel/textiles, liberal arts, sport management;

•                  Passion for sports and Nike;

•                  High energy level, curiosity and information seeking attitude;

•                  Proven ability to prioritize workloads, manage multiple projects simultaneously and drive results;

•                  Passion and attitude for teamwork in a multicultural context;

•                  Strong communication skills;

•                  Fluent in English;

•                  Valid EU work permit.

Internship duration is 6 – 12 months, full time. We welcome students who want to complete their thesis assignment as well.


 To download: Internship in Netherlands

Polarity UK



Polarity UK Limited is based in London and operates as a marketing research firm specialising in market entry to the UK for clients from Europe and the rest of the world. Our clients come from various industries, cultures and have variety of requirements - market analysis, marketing, business development and sales.

Polarity UK Group has its own media platform which offers opportunities for journalists, social media and IT specialists and on-line shop where fashion enthusiasts can apply for internship.

The company offers a dynamic and stimulating work environment for ambitious and motivated graduates with good English communication.

To download: Placement offer, Placement offer 2

Polword Ltd.

Polword Ltd. is a leading specialist in teaching the Polish Language in London. We also provide Russian and English language courses as well as translation and interpreting services. We boost a wide variety of both group and individual courses starting from general language to specialist courses, e.g. business courses or English for Nurses.

We are located in heart of London and for nearly 15 years we have built a reputation for providing high quality language courses people love.

To download: Placement offer



Procter & Gamble is one of the most successful multi-brand companies worldwide - with about 127,000 employees in 80 countries, a turnover of nearly 80 billion US $ and more than 300 brands. Four billion times a day, Procter & Gamble brands touch the lives of people around the world.  Our corporate tradition is rooted in the principles of personal integrity, respect for the individual and doing what's right in the long term.

Application link:


Visual Meta GmbH is an innovative Internet company based in the heart of Berlin, which has grown rapidly since being founded in 2009. Since December 2011 our company has been taken over by the Axel Springer concern.
We run shopping platforms named LadenZeile and ShopAlike in several European countries, offering fashion, furniture and a variety of other products to our users. Our service is used by thousands of daily visitors and an ever-increasing number of partner shops.

For more information, please go to (


To download: Internship offer

Spain Internship

Spain Internship is a combination of education-related services and recruiting providing services for any kind of business and individuals.

Created in 2009, we are the leading organization in our field in Spain. We collaborate with more than 150 universities all over Europe as well as deal with many international companies and organizations,

keeping projects in Spain, Italy and Germany.

Spain Internship has four kind of services:


1. Recruitment services

2. Partnership as host member in LLP programs

3. Personalized internship search for groups or universities

4. Online job websites: .

Created in February 2011 is a free online portal for finding internships throughout Europe. We currently have 15,000 active users and 1,000 companies posting internships,

making it the European leader for these purposes. It is officially recognized as a partner of the educational committee of the European Union .

Based in Sevilla, Spain, we are an international team with more than 6 nationalities.

Being a young and innovative company, we can guarantee the intern a global learning experience both in the marketing and business field and a fun environment to work.


To download: Placement offer

Technical University of Cartagena

We are very glad to announce the opening of a new opportunity for a Student Mobility Placement at the Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena under the Erasmus Programme.

This initiative will allow your Erasmus Students  to fully participate and understand all the different aspects concerning the running of an International Relations Office, while carrying out the typical tasks related to International Programmes.

Below you will find the details of our proposal.

Knowledge, skills and competence to be acquired: 

  • Language skills (English and Spanish)
  • Getting familiar with the Erasmus + programme
  • Dealing with bilateral agreements with universities all over the world
  • Dealing with Mentor’s programme
  • Organizing activities for incoming and outgoing students

Detailed programme of the training period:                                                                                    

At the beginning the trainee will learn and try to familiarize with the work that is carried at the office. The trainee will participate in the office activities and will learn about the administrative side of the work. Then the trainee will help and assist in the work and processes carried at our International Relations Office and collaborate with the described current activity. The trainee will stay at least 6 months.


Tasks of the trainee:

  • Help in dealing with international programmes
  • Providing students and teachers with information about international programmes
  • Help in dealing with bilateral agreements with universities all over the world
  • Help with the Mentor's Programme
  • Help with creating and supervising materials for incoming and outgoing students and professors
  • Help in organizing activities for outgoing and incoming students


Monitoring and evaluation plan:

  • Final evaluation will take place at the end of the training period.


Don't miss this opportunity to spend a training period at the UPCT in the sunny Cartagena!

To download: Internship Offer - English and German Studies Area, Internship Offer, Placement offer , Internship offer





Tefen is an international management consultancy with headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Together with our customers and our 220 consultants we work on projects of various issues in the areas of general strategy, process optimization, project management and organizational development covering a wide spectrum of industries (Oil&gas, Energy&Utilities, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Chemical. Transportation, Financial Services)

We support clients in creating sustainable value by transforming problems into opportunities, observing the outside world from a different perspective and changing the traditional rules of their marketplaces. Regardless the industry or business issue, our projects are built to deliver tangible and measurable results to clients. Our consulting approach is based on involving people, a non-arrogant attitude  and a continuous know-how exchange.


To download: Placement offer


To download: Offer

UAB "Maina and Co"



"Kavos draugas" is a brand owned by company UAB "Maina and Co", which specializes in coffee machines, coffee and tea products. Our goal is providing customers with top tier merchandise and knowledge while trying to suggest the best product for their needs. Quality and communication are top priorities for us. Our main difference from other companies is how we approach our customers. Instead of simply selling (“pushing”) the product, we figure out what kind of problems each customer, with less knowledge (and even no basic “know-how”) might experience. Therefore, we create a social and friendly environment for each and every of our customers and this way - creating a bound between them and us. Our communication is what makes us so different from others – customer can contact us with any question about any product via email, facebook, phone or simply ask us at our shops. Our personnel is experts in what we offer – every question of the client must be answered. The atmosphere we create in our office, shops and even social network is made to feel person like he is at home. Currently we own shops at Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – with a total of 15 people working with (and for) our clients. In 2014 we are planning to expand to Poland.

To download: Placement offer



UniCredit is one of Europe’s leading financial institutions, operating in 22 European countries, with more than 150,000 employees and 9,500 branches. Strategically positioned in both Western and Eastern Europe, the Group benefits from one of the region’s highest market shares, a strong European identity, extensive international presence and a broad customer base.

What set us apart

We are the sum of different cultures and experiences which come from the banks and the companies that have joined our Group.

Our culture of diversity and internationally is deeply rooted in our identity. Throughout our growth we always valued the ideas and innovation that came from diversity, and still do so.

That is why we have programs and initiatives in place to foster cross-border and cross-cultural cooperation, aimed at targeting talented students and graduates.

Our pro employee engagement initiatives in UniCredit result from listening activities, like employee satisfaction surveys and reputation evaluation studies. Over the years their outcomes, being direct employees feedback, put welfare, healthcare and work-life balance initiatives as fundamental supplements for such relevant matters like: social security plans, contractual requirements & development opportunities.

In UniCredit we believe that Leadership is about creating development possibilities for the individuals, the Company and the communities. That is why we constantly strive to develop future leaders of UniCredit.

Students and graduates programs

UniCredit is looking for students and graduates who feel an affinity with UniCredit European mindset and who consider constant learning as a driver of their professional development. The opportunities offered are truly international and require interest in the financial sector and a high command of English.

For those eager to launch their career in banking industry at a forward-looking company, with a genuinely global approach we have created different programs like:

The International Graduate Program in  Corporate & Investment Banking

The International Summer Internship Program

New Europe Master in Banking and Entrepreneurship

MBA in banking and financial industry.

To discover more about UniCredit internship, graduate, masters programs and scholarship offers please log on to our website

To download: Placement offer

University of Macerata


University of Macerata is looking for an intern for summer time 2014.

The student for an Erasmus Placement training at the International office of University of Macerata (central Italy), should have fluent English as 2language and should be able to work with computers (basic admin software); knowledge of Italian language would be an asset.

The trainee will enjoy a great intercultural experience in an international students community, and at the same time will experience real Italian weather and lifestyle, strolling around in a historic, typically Italian medieval city centre w/ bars, design clothing shops, traditional groceries etc.

We may well provide him/her accommodation (private single room with private bathroom) in one of the University residences (prices are about the same as a private flat) so that the student would not bother in looking for a room in the private market, with the risk of not finding one if s/he asks for 3 months only, and would live with other foreign and Italian students.

Ideal candidate should:

- Have a scholarship by their home institution, within the Erasmus Placement or Leonardo programmes

-Have very good knowledge of English and Italian Language (the knowledge of any other European Language will be a plus)

-Have Basic skills in information and communication technology

-Be acquainted with European programmes such as Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and the EVS (European Voluntary Service)

-Possibly be graduating or graduate in International relations, foreign languages, administration and management, political sciences, education or similar.

Main activities:

-Management of incoming Chinese students, welcome service and logistics.

-Mainly administrative work related to Incoming and Outgoing Erasmus students;

-Support and information to Incoming and Outgoing Erasmus students.

-Support to admin staff in LLP /Erasmus and Leonardo Da Vinci management

-Support to admin staff in Extra European bilateral agreements management

-Support to admin staff in management of Summer/Winter schools for international students (according to period)

-The trainee will normally work from 09 AM to 14 PM, Monday to Friday.

-Additional hours may be requested according to office needs (and can be made up for).

-The trainee will be located on ground floor and will be also appointed of welcoming students & visitors, addressing them to the relevant office.

University of Macerata is not able to guarantee any financial support but will provide trainees with the same services offered to all Incoming Erasmus students (access to the canteen at small prices, join the university choir, access to libraries, IT department, university facilities, free Italian Language Courses for all international students etc…).


Documents should be sent to send to :


1. The attached form, duly filled in

2. A CV in English or Italian language, possibly in PDF format

3. A motivational letter in English or Italian

To download: Placement offer



Wimdu is an exciting new company based in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Wimdu puts local property owners in contact with travelers who are looking for accommodation and has over 150,000 properties around the world. It is one of the leading European-based private accommodation rental marketplaces and offers various internships in different fields of business and marketing. If you think you have what it takes to join our talented and ambitious team visit for more details.


Internship and job offers are avaliable at: Wimdu Jobs




Globalplacement is the market leader for international internships. It's completely free of charge for students and offers more than 800 international internships on a daily basis from all over the world.


Europlacement provides internships for students who are looking to do their internship abroad in Europe. As partner of Globalplacement, Europlacement works together with the European Union to provide high quality transnational internships within Europe. provides internships for national and international students in the Netherlands to students for free. As market leader of the Dutch internship market, students will find over 1500 internships available every day.

Placements in Portugal 

Placements in Portugal aims to help ambitious and international motivated students to finding internship opportunities in Portugal. Enjoying from a growing partner network in Portugal, Placements in Portugal aims at making the bridge between the foreign student and companies and institutions in Portugal overseeing the overall internship process for the student. Placements In Portugal services are free for all students under internship programs (i.e. Erasmus Placement and Leonardo Da Vinci or any other identical internship program). In addition to the internship support, Placement In Portugal also provides support in other related areas like housing, insurance and cultural integration.


WG-Gesucht was founded in 1999 and was the first internet platform of this kind. Today, is one of the most important housing platforms for apartments and share apartment in Europe. Up to (IVW-certified*) million visitors use every month and place over 200,000 ads. As a young housing platform, does not only offer rooms in share apartments but also studio apartments, two or more bedroom apartments and houses. At you can find rooms in share apartments, studio apartments, two or more bedroom apartments and houses for rent without commission!


Incoming students 

Incoming students 

Welcome to the webpage for International Exchange Students! This page contains link to the informations that will help you to prepare to your study period and adventure at the Kozminski University. In case of any questions, we are ready to assist you.

  • nomination deadline for Fall semester or Academic Year - May 1st
  • nomination deadline for Spring semester- November 1st
  • to apply for Fall Semester or Academic Year  -  May 30th
    to apply for Spring Semester - November 30th


Application Packet

Needed documents:
1. online application form at:
choose the Exchange program

Please fill it in, print, sign, scan, and send to
2. copy of the ID/passport
3. copy of the medical insurance (in case of EU citizen - please submit European Health Insurance Card)
4. 1 passport size picture in JPG file. Please send it to the email or upload it to the online form.
5. transcript of students records
6. copy of the Certificate of English B2 (or FCE, LCCE 2) unless the student studies at the English track or English is a native language


Please note that the Kozminski University transcript will be mailed to the home university within two months after the end of the exchange program. In case a student was nominated for a full year, the transcripts will be sent once the exchange is finished.


Grading system


KU grade

ECTS grade

Excellent, outstanding performance with minor errors.



Very good, above average standard but with some errors.



Good: generally sound works with number of notable errors.



Satisfactory plus: fair, but with number significant shortcomings.



Sufficient: performance meets minimum criteria.



Fail: some more work required before credit can be awarded.



Fail: considerable further work is required.



passed : not used in the computation of GPA



List of courses and classes



Course offer for incoming students in 2014/2015


Course outlines/syllabi will be available before the beginning of the semester; You will choose courses online in our system few days before the semester starts. The information about the enrollment deadlines will be provided by the International Students Advisor.

Learning Agreement has to be submitted no later than 2 weeks after the semester starts. 


Polish Language classes

Polish language is avaliable for all incoming exchange students. The registration will be made online few weeks before the semester starts.



What teaching methods are used? : Lecture and workshops
Workload?: Usually 30 ECTS per semester; it all depends on the decision of your Home Institution
What is the grading system used?: ECTS

When is the exam session?: The exam session for Fall semester is scheduled for the second part of January; for Spring semester in the middle June. Fall Retake session is scheduled  for February; Spring retake sesssion for first two weeks of September.

Is there Early Examination Session available?: It is not scheduled. It has to be discussed individually.

Does  the University have a dormitory?: No, we do not offer in-campus accommodation. Incoming Exchange student usually rent flats in the city center.

Do you offer Orientation Session?: Yes, Erasmus Student Network along with the International Students Advisor organize Orientation Week few days before the classes start.


Please make sure you are insured before coming to Poland. UE citizens are required to have valid European Health Insurance Card. Those of you who come from outside of the EU are required to buy proper insurance. The school does not provide students with health insurance.


Student's bank account offer

Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. is a universal commercial bank offering a wide range of banking services for personal customers and businesses.

There are over 600 branches and over 1040 cash points available to our customers throughout Poland.

To download: Account infoPowerPoint presentation , flyer


The University assists foreign students in their housing needs however we cannot offer spots in any dormitory. Apartments and rooms are usually rented in Warsaw through a network of agencies specializing in short term furnished accommodation or through agreements with individual landlords. Rental fees range from approximately 350 to 500 € per month, depending on location, size, standards etc. A returnable deposit for your accommodation (1 to 2 months’ rent) + a month's rent in advance is expected at the moment of signing the contract with the landlord.

We suggest to check the following links: 

Easy Rent

Accommodation for Students

Origo real Estate www.origonieruchomoś

Home Broker

Sound Garden Hotel offers a free platform in which exchange students can find and book accommodation across all the major cities in Europe and apply for internships abroad. It also provides key information about the city in which you will study. The interactive accommodation portal allows you to book a student room using a secure payment system with landlord verification, customer reviews and guaranteed refunds. 


P & O Apartments

Find also our ESN Kozminski group on Facebook,!/groups/esn.kozminski and search for the flat through FB.

Kozminski University will provide also some offers prior your arrival.



Incoming Students Coordinator - Ewa Buczyńska