Law and  Business in the Globalizing World


Business Courses

Merge & Accusation and LBO Analysis (4 ECTS)


MA Dmytro Osiichuk

The primary objective is to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the major strategic, economic, financial, and legal issues of mergers and acquisitions. Students will be equipped with a framework for understanding strategic reasons (key value and risk drivers), valuation methodologies, and the need for a clear value proposition. They will be able to develop a value-added M&A strategy according to consulting industry standards. Course participants will be motivated to handle complex business challenges within strict budget and time limits, to organize the team work and to think “outside the box”.
Method of assessment: Final exam

Investment Foundations (4 ECTS)


MA Dmytro Osiichuk

The course is designed to provide participants with the general overview of the investment industry, i.e. its principal mechanisms, institutions, instruments, and regulations. Upon completion of the course, participants will have appropriate background and knowledge to provide operational support within investment industry outside the decision making roles. Participants will be aware of the ethical responsibilities of the investment industry professionals.
Upon completion of the course, participants will have the necessary skills to perform their operational duties within investment industry outside decision making roles. Participants will be able to make informed decisions while providing back-office assistance.
Upon completion of the course participants will be able to communicate and substantiate their opinion regarding particular operational duties within investment industry outside the decision making roles.
Method of assessment: Final exam

E-business in Globalizing World (3 ECTS)


PhD Szymon Wierciński

The principal aim of this subject is to introduce students to the basics of doing business online. Additionally show them new horizons for company strategies and give them new tools for strategy building. They will receive many examples of new possibilities to create long term strategic advantage. At the end participants should be able to generate new ideas, improve business processes and effectiveness of given company. The students will work in group, and present their opinion in logical and structuralized way.

Method of assessment: Written assignment

Corporate Social Innovation (5 ECTS)


Prof. Bolesław Rok

The aim of this course provide an in-depth understanding of corporate sustainability and responsibility for social innovation as a part of theory and management practice in big companies and start-ups. To develop an understanding of managerial and entrepreneurial instruments for social innovation in the changing context. To understand different challenges at the governance level currently facing global and local business and ability to connect successful business solutions with social, environmental and ethical demands.

Method of assessment: Written exam, corporate reports analysis, presentation of case studies.

Law Courses

The Global Marketing and the Law of the Media (3 ECTS)


Ph.D. Giuliano Vosa

The students will gain understanding of the functioning of the Media and their role in the private and public relationships. They will learn to construct prospective evolutionary patterns of the Laws of the Media and Audiovisual with a view to defining their roles in the global society. They will obtain communication skills (English Language interaction) reading and understanding case-law from national and international Courts.

Method of assessment: Attendance and final exam

Multiculturalism and Comparative Law - Hate Crimes, Individual Freedoms, Constitutional Justice (5 ECTS)


PhD Mateusz Woiński

The aim of the course is to provide students with knowledge about the social problems and difficulties that contemporary multicultural societies have to deal with. International and EU legal instruments concerning human rights protection as well as international and EU obligations to criminalize certain acts of racism and xenophobia will be presented. The course will also focus on how the states (e.g. USA, Spain, Germany and Poland) fulfill these obligations in the area of criminal law. The problem of criminalization of hate speech as well as, in general, of hate crimes will be emphasized.

Method of assessment: Final exam, paper (written and presented during classes), work and activity during classes

Social activities





Sante means quality, great flavor and beneficent power of Nature!

The mission of Sante Company is to provide the highest quality of food, and the promotion of knowledge about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Sante experts, who are specializing in dietetics, food technology and nutrition, conduct projects based on the latest research and current trending dietary habits. Sante primarily uses natural ingredients in the food production process. The company avoids using additives which enhance flavor, texture or prolong shell-life of products. A specialized group of persons has been involved in testing products in terms of taste and functional value.

Sante food products are so unique thanks to modern technologies of production, which does not deprive them of nutritional value or taste. That's why when reaching for Sante products, you can enjoy the real taste of cereals, fruits and vegetables. Sante strives to produce products with minimal processing involved, i.e. products which are closest to the natural form of food to provide fiber, vitamins and minerals in optimal form and quantity.

When eating Sante products you can be sure that you provide your body with only the best and selected ingredients with Sante’s guaranteed quality.



„Legia was founded in 1916 by the soldiers of Józef Piłsudski’s Polish Legions fighting in the World War I. Our Club is an 13-time* Polish Champion and 18-time winner of the Polish Cup. The home of Legia Warsaw is the Marshall Józef Piłsudski's Municipal Stadium of Legia Warsaw at 3 Łazienkowska street. The stadium was built by The Capital City of Warsaw and it was officialy open in 2010. It is one of the most modern and advanced stadia in Europe. During the tour, you will get a chance to see all the places available only for players and staff and… for guided tours visitors. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides will also tell you everything you want to know about the history of the stadium and our Club.”


“Telewizja Polsat was the first commercial television station in Poland and today is one of Poland’s two leading private television groups in terms of revenue and share in the TV advertising market. POLSAT, our flagship channel, is one of Poland’s leading channels in terms of audience share. It airs a broad variety of movies, Polish and foreign series, great music events, talent shows realized based on license agreements as well as sports offer and became one of the Polish audience most favorite TV stations. Owing to a very attractive program offer, which reaches audiences all over the country, Polsat has one of the most valuable and recognizable brand in Poland. The strongest foundations of the broadcaster are: perfect entertainment, fascinating film offer, reliable and fast news as well as exciting sport.

The broadcaster is also intensely investing in thematic channels.  Our offer of thematic channel includes entertainment, sports, news, music, lifestyle, movie, and children’s channels. Polsat Group’s portfolio currently offers 24 channels, including 14 HD channels: Polsat, Polsat HD, Polsat 2 HD, Polsat 1, Super Polsat, Polsat Sport, Polsat Sport HD, Polsat Sport Extra, Polsat Sport Extra HD, Polsat Sport Fight HD, Polsat Sport News HD, Polsat News HD, Polsat News 2, Polsat Play HD, Polsat Cafe HD, Polsat Film, Polsat Film HD, Polsat Doku HD, Polsat Jim Jam, CI Polsat, Polsat Viasat Explore, Polsat Viasat Explore HD, Polsat Viasat History, Polsat Viasat History HD, Polsat Viasat Nature, Polsat Music, Disco Polo Music, Polsat Romans, TV6, TV4 i TV4 HD.

Today Telewizja Polsat is a part of the Cyfrowy Polsat Group, the biggest media-and-telecommunications group services in such areas as mobile telephony, pay TV and Internet access. The group includes also Polkomtel, the operator of Plus mobile network and the leader of LTE technology who relies on the latest solutions for the services it develops for its customers, Cyfrowy Polsat, the operator of the biggest satellite TV platform in Poland and the provider of state-of-the-art multimedia services and IPLA service, the biggest Internet TV and the leader on the video on-line market in Poland. The group has over 5.8 million contract customers and provides over 16 million services in area of mobile, TV and Internet access.
The Group includes: Cyfrowy Polsat – operator of the largest Polish satellite platform and provider of advanced multimedia services, Polkomtel – operator of the Plus mobile network and LTE technology leader using state of the art solutions to develop services for its customers, Telewizja Polsat – Poland’s leading commercial broadcaster and IPLA – leader on the video online market.”


Chopin’s Warsaw attractions

Integration activities (city games, welcome dinner)