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„As Poland is becoming one of the major financial services centers in the CEE region, more and more people consider pursuing a career in the investment industry. Along with investment decision makers, the industry is in constant need of highly qualified professionals in law, HR, compliance, IT, who do not necessarily have educational background in investments. There is a growing demand for transfer agents, fund accountants, corporate actions specialists, data analysts, cash managers etc. These positions are occupied by people with diverse experience record and background, who may need assistance to fill in the knowledge gaps. Despite the diversity of functions and roles, everyone working in the investment industry requires essential knowledge of the instruments, mechanisms and regulations shaping the development path of the industry. The course Investment Industry: Instruments, Mechanisms and Regulations attempts to equip the operational staff of the investment industry with the necessary knowledge allowing them to better understand their functions and perform their everyday duties more efficiently. The course is accepted to the CFA Institute Claritas Academic Program and adopts a block-by-block study approach, allowing the participants to gain relevant knowledge and see the big picture of the industry.” Dr Paweł Mielcarz, PhD


The course INVESTMENT INDUSTRY: INSTRUMENTS, MECHANISMS AND REGULATIONS offers essential understanding of the business environment, professional and ethical responsibilities of the investment industry professionals outside the investment roles. It is a highly intensive course supplemented with a rich study material, allowing the participants to grasp the essence of the instruments, mechanisms and regulations shaping the functioning of the investment industry without delving into technicalities. The course starts with a review of fundamentals, then gradually proceeds to a general overview of financial instruments and investment management process, and ends with a discussion of investors’ needs and interests. The contents covered in the course (please see below) may be perceived as a ‘need-to-know’ toolkit for everyone working on operational or support positions in the investment industry.

CFA Institute Claritas® Academic Program

The Course INVESTMENT INDUSTRY: INSTRUMENTS, MECHANISMS AND REGULATIONS has been accepted into the CFA Institute Claritas® Academic Program. This status is granted to institutions with one or more courses that incorporate at least 80% of the Claritas Program curriculum’s Learning Outcome Statements and 100% of the ethics-based Learning Outcome Statements, which provide students with a clear understanding of the financial services industry, ethics, and roles and responsibili¬ties. This program also positions students well to sit for the Claritas Investment Certificate exam.

Claritas® Investment Certificate is a global program designed to give applicants a clear understanding of the financial services industry, raise their professional competences and provide fundamental knowledge, which will help them stand out in the job market.

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Target Audience 

The course suits everyone interested in gaining extensive general knowledge of the investment industry. Primary target audience includes the staff of the financial companies working outside the investment advisory and the investment decision making roles (e.g. operations departments, back office, other support activities), and those contemplating a decision to engage on a career path in the investment industry but lack essential knowledge or background in finance. 

    Solution for Employers  

    The course represents a perfect solution for employers willing to raise the competences of the workforce by assuring adherence to a common standard in the investment industry. Participation in the Course demonstrates company’s commitment to ethics, thereby enhancing its credibility and ameliorating operational performance. The University offers attractive group discounts for corporate clients.


    Study Materials 

    CFA® Institute will provide the registered participants with an e-book covering the contents of the course. The e-book is a compulsory reading for the participants. The trainer will use licensed seminars-in-the-box materials, a set of PowerPoint slides covering the curriculum.


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