Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Financial Crime Prevention 



In today’s business environment, particularly in the international financial institutions, meeting regulatory requirements and expectations is a very demanding task. A lot of global institutions already failed the objective and have been fined by regulators on billion dollars fines for violating AML and other financial regulations. In the same time financial crimes are creating significant risk for the business, causing financial and reputational losses for many companies. To answer abovementioned threats and risks, companies are looking for experts in the field of Compliance, AML, Financial Crime Prevention and Business Risk Management. Leon Kozminski University is one of the first who offers specialized post graduate studies in the field of Compliance, AML and Financial Crime Prevention at the international arena. Using experienced tutors and particular subject’s practitioners a unique program has been created to structure the specific knowledge and offer it to those, who manage the risk of AML, financial crimes prevention or work in Compliance field.


Karol Wojtczak AML and Financial Crime Prevention subject matter expert with 10 years of experience in the field. Graduate of Law Faculty at Warsaw University with MA thesis on “Money laundering - causes mechanisms and counteraction methods” (2004), International Compliance Association Diploma in AML (2013).

Karol has more than 10 years of experience of managing AML projects and leading multicultural high performance teams in Citi Service Center Poland. He started his AML manager career contributing in setting up Citi AML Hub in Warsaw to provide services to 50 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has experience in AML transaction monitoring for institutional clients and consumer banking, as well as for special AML, targeted projects, related to regulatory consent orders as well as process reengineering and optimization projects at regional and global level. He is also a graduate of International Compliance Association with diploma in AML. For the past two years, he is also a tutor at Kozminski University, where he leads and delivers specialization lectures on Financial Crimes Prevention.

If you have any questions, please contact Karol Wojtczak, the Coordinator of the Program


Reaching the learning outcomes on the Compliance, AML and Financial Crime Prevention will allow educating the specialists highly demanded on the job market, possessing the skills necessary for correct and efficient work on the position related to risk management, compliance, AML and financial crimes prevention.  As a result of the program, the employees of diverse financial institutions units will deepen and update their knowledge. The experience obtained after 10 years of establishing and running AML and Risk Management Operations units allowed planning the content and methods of teaching to meet the expectations of the candidates who are yet to plan their careers in finance.
The Participants will acquire general knowledge of the techniques of compliance, AML and financial crime prevention business risk management. The topics discussed during the program cover among others risk analysis and assessment, international laws and regulatory requirements in the space of compliance, AML and financial crimes prevention. Additionally, in order to deepen the knowledge of the participants, the lectures and workshops ae organized to cover the cyber security and data mining and analysis for effective and efficient decision making process in the field of compliance, AML and financial crimes prevention.
The participants will also acquire valuable specialist competences related to risk management in compliance, AML and financial crimes prevention, consulting in risk interpretation, administering the process of data processing for the risk analysis purposes, covering the knowledge delivered during the program, skills related to its understanding and application in specific situations encountered within the process of compliance, AML and financial crime prevention risk management.
The program envisages also the development of standards of ethical behavior. During the study the participants are taught the ethical standards of practice to ensure that they are able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in appropriate way and pursuing appropriate goals.


The program offers a unique opportunity and knowledge in the developing field of Compliance, AML and financial crimes prevention, providing competitive advantage on the job market for all learners. The program offers as well:

  • a key knowledge and skills in managing Compliance, AML and financial crimes risk.
  • a knowledge of building and managing effective counteraction mechanisms and processes of Compliance, AML and financial crimes prevention
  • opportunity to share knowledge and best practices with experts and practitioners in the field of risk management, Compliance, AML and financial crimes prevention
  • a knowledge of international regulatory environment, requirements and expectations – European Union, US and UK
  • a practical aspects of Compliance, AML and risk management – workshops and building dedicated reports


Primarily the Program is designed to meet the needs of financial institutions compliance professionals having some experience, but aspiring to grow higher and faster. The aim of the participants should be to deepen their knowledge of the general context of risk management in the compliance space, as well as AML and financial crimes prevention, make acquaintance with the new compliance and risk management related topics of the AML and financial crime prevention world, train the most frequently used techniques of data analysis and presentation. In general, the program will benefit everyone dealing with operational and tactical decision making on everyday basis. It will provide tools to enhance the decision making process through detailed analysis and application of the best practices.


Bartosz Robak

Bartosz has over 8 years of Experience in managing AML projects and leading numerous teams in Citi Service Center Poland. Bartosz started his AML career contributing in setting up Citi AML Hub in Warsaw, than shortly moved to Manager position in new migrations for 30 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Bartosz has experience in AML transaction monitoring for institutional clients, private banking and consumer customers, as well as numerous AML projects, related to regulatory consent orders as well as process reengineering and optimization projects at regional and global level. Bartosz graduated Finance and Banking with master degree, with post graduate ICA Diploma in AML certification (with University of Manchester) and Management Program in Corporate Finance (with ALK).  
For the past 3 years, Bartosz is also a tutor for Compliance subject at Kozminski University.

Jack Orr

Jack is a graduate of Law from the University of Glasgow. Jack has been working for Citi specializing in Compliance and AML for the past five years. He currently deals with AML, sanctions and AB&C issues; manages the mandatory absence, conflicts of interest and information barrier processes; acts as an ethics point of contact; and deals with policy management. Previously he worked in an audit role for Deloitte. For the past two years he has also been leading the Compliance lectures as a tutor at Kozminski University.



Sabina Byszewska

AML specialist with 7 years of professional AML experience in Citibank International and Citibank Europe, currently responsible for performing global/international periodic reviews of the In-Business AML transaction monitoring conducted outside of the strategic AML processes. Previously responsible for developing and integrating Global AML Case Disposition Procedures & Standards, leading projects and driving initiatives required to deliver more holistic and robust AML processes, working with other AML functions to increase global standardization and quality of investigative process and operational efficiency.
Educational Background: MA in Accounting and Finance, ICA Certificate, ACAMS Certification (in progress).

Elżbieta Iwonin

Elzbieta Iwonin joined AML team in Citi Service Center Poland in February 2010, having over 20 years experience in banking operations and management as well as customer engagement. She started her career in Citibank Poland in 2001 coming from Bank Handlowy as a result of merger between two banks in Poland. In merged Securities Services (SFS) team she was responsible for Customer Service for custodians and broker dealers.
Since 2008 she has hold in Business Control Officer function in Global Transaction Services – EMEA in Citi Handlowy.  She represented Citi Poland in Polish Banks Association in its advisory works to the Polish Parliament in the legislative introduction of 2nd AML Directive.
In 2010 she joined CSC AML as a Quality Assurance Head, responsible for running Quality Assurance (QA) process for transaction monitoring in AML Hub in Warsaw and other Single Country Hubs in EMEA.
Elzbieta holds Master of Economics degree from Warsaw School of Economics; and is graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology in MBA. She holds International Compliance Association AML Diploma.

Bartłomiej Iwanowicz

Bartlomiej Iwanowicz, Ph.D.
Experienced manager with both business and consulting background.
Over 13 years of professional experience, including 10+ years in Big4 companies (Deloitte and PwC). Responsible for end-to-end execution of a number of complex consulting projects (including international engagements, e.g. Serbia, Russia, Saudi Arabia).
Deep knowledge and extensive practice in the field of operations, finance and risk management as well as analysis, optimization, reorganization and control of business processes in various industries (e.g. financial services, pharmaceutical, media & telecommunication, energy & resources, FMCG, manufacturing).
Holder of Ph.D. in Economics (earned at the best business school in Central and Eastern Europe as per the Financial Times Ranking in the year of graduation) and Master in Finance.

Wojciech Czyżewski

Wojciech is experienced manager with strong finance and IT consulting background.
Over 11 years of professional experience in PwC including financial audit, software implementation and forensic practice (forensic investigations, corruption and bribery investigations). Responsible for end-to-end execution of a number of complex consulting projects.
Deep knowledge and extensive practice in the field of forensic, finance and risk management as well as analysis, optimization, reorganization and control of business processes in various industries (e.g. construction, FMCG, production).

Agata Krawczyk

Agata is a practitioner combining passion to Anti Money Laundering and training area with over 15 years of professional experience gathered in different financial institutions and training companies. She has over 7 years’ experience in managing different processes and teams in AML area in Citi Service Center Poland. Certified in Anti-Money Laundering  professional qualifications by International Compliance Association at Advanced and Diploma  level. She holds extensive practice in managing end-to-end training processes in regulated area for AML Operations in two regions (~1000 people) and global training solutions and strategies for whole Citi in Global AML, Sanctions and Anti Bribery & Corruption area. Over 10 years of experience in delivering trainings for business and various lectures at universities across Poland. She is graduated in International Relations at Warsaw University an post-graduate studies in human resources management.

Irena Winnicka

Irena joined AML team in Citi Service Center Poland in 2010. She has experience in AML transactional monitoring for consumer banking and institutional clients as well as management of AML projects related to consent orders, reengineering and process optimization. Currently, Irena works on regional and global standardization of operational standards based on global directives within Global FIU. Irena has a master degree in Finance and Banking at the Warsaw School of Economics and University of Warsaw. She is a Certified AML Specialist of International Compliance Association. Irena is also a tutor at Kozminski University, where she delivers specialization lectures on Financial Crimes Prevention.

Marta Marczak

Marta is a graduate of Master European Studies at University of Warsaw and Postgraduate Studies in combating economic, fiscal and ownership crimes at Law Department at University of Warsaw. Marta has been AML practitioner since 2010 starting her professional career in Citi as AML analyst in AML transaction monitoring department. During her career in Citi she participated and run number of projects focusing on AML matters, linked to e.g. creating procedures and policies, sharing best practices and experience and training new and old employees. Marta was also responsible for quality assurance in Spanish team and supporting managerial functions. She has experience with customer from all business lines.
In 2014 Marta joined Global Investigations Unit (AML Compliance) which is responsible for conducting enterprise-wide customer relationship reviews. Marta has International Advanced Certificate in AML of International Compliance Association (ICA) and ACAMS certification. She was an initiator of GIU Intelligence Sharing Workshops between different AML practitioners in different departments. Marta is also engaged in numerous lectures delivered at Warsaw universities, some in cooperation with ICA.

Żaneta Niszczota

Zaneta has over six years’ experience working in anti-money laundering area. She act as Subject Matter Expert to assist in implementation of monitoring for new products from Quality perspective. She took an assignment in USA, which was a unique opportunity where she was able to make decisions and dispositions for AML alerts, recommend and prepare SARs, provide recommendations for account closures. Additionally Zaneta was responsible to ensure of the highest quality of processed alerts and cases what gave her the opportunity to work in hectic environment and with different cultures and allowed Zaneta to gain vast knowledge both regarding banking products and investigations’ process itself.  This led her gaining a unique insight into the process of establishing AML oversight. She had a unique chance to take part in FBI Integrated Analyst Symposium (IAS) Training. For the last year, she was also a tutor at Kozminski University and Warsaw University. Currently Zaneta is working in Global Investigations Unit Team which goals are to perform enterprise-wide customer relationship reviews, obtain a holistic review of global customers and mitigate the risk of money laundering in collaboration with vast range of teams.

Tomasz Sawiak

Tomasz is an experienced IT security architect and auditor with strong management and technical background, leads Cybersecurity technology services team at PwC Poland. He has over 15 years’ experience in IT security.
He specializes in auditing, designing and delivering customized IT security solutions and services, with particular attention to IT security monitoring.
Tomasz has extensive experience in providing tailor-made IT security services aligned with business needs in various areas of ICT infrastructure for large companies in various sectors in particular: banking, telecommunications, energy, insurance, public and transportation. For many years he analyzed different types of incident including phishing attacks,  botnets, malware code, and frauds.  He provided advisory services in the area of transaction authorization methods for many financial institutions.  Tomasz used the knowledge acquired during the analysis of incidents and forensic investigations to build dedicated use-cases in IT security monitoring systems.

Mariusz Walkiewicz

Mariusz is an experienced IT and Data enthusiast with over 10 years of professional experience.
He specializes in data analysis, data visualizations and data-driven process mining, using various data tools and techniques.
He has practical experience in processes and controls design, testing and optimization in the IT and business cycles (including finance, telecommunication and FMCG industries).
Mariusz holds a Master degree from Warsaw University of Technology (in Data Mining area); he also studied Economics at Warsaw University. He is Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM).

Artur Wach

Artur has over 15 years of experience in managing information security  and risk and control processes. He joined Citi in 2005 as an Business Information Security Officer and was responsible for implementation of Information Security Policy and standards in the Bank.

He was advancing his career by leading many of internal projects, e.g. Bank and CSC certification to ISO27001 and ISO20000 standards. In 2011 Artur was appointed to a position of a Head of Information Security Department, where he was responsible for implementation of Information Security, Business Continuity, Personal Data Protection and Third Party Management programs across the Bank.

Artur graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, he holds MSc in Computer Science. He has a strong technical knowledge and hands-on experience in designing and implementing controls combined with passion for delivering effective and efficient solutions. Holds professional certificates in IT, Information Security, Risk Management and Audit.

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