Strategic Project Management Applications for Better Business Guidance with Personal Agility (PA) - English 


In this session we shall use our Personal Agility lighthouse to guide you to the secure shores of your personal vision, help prepare you to tread the long roads of mergers/acquisitions. We will also use Individual Personal Agility Assessment which is a vital requisite for changes in any company. Influencing with personal agility to work on personal vision (long term plans) and development directions be it right or wrong. Many strong pillars of personal agility will steer you to your goal alignment that will pave the way to organizational agility. We will get you ready for opportunities and prepare you for changes when your company trade-mark needs it or your strategic/tactical plan needs tweaking on the fly.

Come to this one and only ride of your life in a ship that will be navigated to the PA Lighthouse by Raji and Michal


  • 1 day training
  • Date: soon, 9.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
  • Price: 1500 PLN *
  • Price with discount for Kozminski University students and graduates: 1350 PLN *

* Price includes: training materials, coffee breaks and lunch.


Michal Raczka

MBA, PMI-ACP, PMP, PSPO, AgilePM, CISA, is a project management expert, experienced in new technologies & digital leadership fields. Currently, he is the IT Strategy and Project Management Vice Director at mBank S.A. He is also a project management lecturer at the Executive MBA programs.

He has conducted several organisational changes involving the optimisation of project management methods and agile transformations. Always keeps Team in the centre.

Value and results focused with lean and agile approach. Individual with proven achievements in project & business management, process improvement and team leadership. Experienced in managing geographically distributed, multi-disciplinary projects and customer teams. Experienced in project excellence awards assessments. Conference speaker. Strategic Advisor. Lecturer. Volunteer. Mentor.


Raji Sivaraman

M. S, PMI-ACP, PMP, Principal of ASBA LLC, helps USA/Singapore companies with strategic planning/overseas startups. Speaks several languages. She has worked in Singapore, Thailand, India and the USA. She helps fortune 50/500 companies with CSR/BSR projects. She is a Consultant, Director, Advisor and Board member for non-profit organizations.

She has Worked in IT, publishing, financial, standards and logistics industries. She is an Adjunct Professor at Montclair University, USA, a Researcher, Author, Contributor to Project Management books, published articles, research and white papers internationally. She is a global facilitator, trainer, speaker and a panelist. She is an Agile practitioner with a Master of Science Degree in Project Management. She has held leadership positions with the Project Management Institute at the chapter/global level.


  • Honing the skills that are the critical to all organizations (small, medium, large) that lack in the huge ocean of Personal Agility.
  • Thought leadership in this global economy
  • Organizational Agility through personal Agility and its seamless navigation through different weather patterns


The workshop is applicable to Strategic Business Management Skills for Project, Program and Portfolio Managers, (Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced)

1. Emphasis on awareness and factual recall; appropriate for those interested in furthering development in core skills.

2. Concentration on understanding existing knowledge; appropriate for those interested in using content in practical applications to master concepts.

3. Centring on project implementation of detailed deliverables to support organizational Personal Agility flavors towards organizational strategy

Monika Dziwniel

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