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Andrzej K. Koźmiński, Halina Wiśniewska, Dariusz Jemielniak, Elżbieta Jendrych (2014), oprawa: miękka, stron: 200

"Management Matters is addressed to learners who want to improve their communication skills in English within the field of management. It was inspired by Podstawy zarządzania, a handbook written by Andrzej K. Koźmiński and Dariusz Jemielniak for management students.

The book is an attempt to use content-and-language integrated learning (CLIL) which allows working professionals and university students to improve their language competence and to concentrate on professional issues. It contains sections aiming at developing both the form and the use of the language in a meaningful management-related context. The book helps to:

- develop communication skills vital for success in business careers,
- enrich professional vocabulary,
- revise grammar".




Joanna Jemielniak (2014), 258 pages

"This book fills a gap in legal academic study and practice in International Commercial Arbitration (ICA) by offering an in-depth analysis on legal discourse and interpretation. Written by a specialist in international business law, arbitration and legal theory, it examines the discursive framework of arbitral proceedings, through an exploration of the unique status of arbitration as a legal and semiotic phenomenon. Historical and contemporary aspects of legal discourse and interpretation are considered, as well as developments in the field of discourse analysis in ICA. A section is devoted to institutional and structural determinants of legal discourse in ICA in which ad hoc and institutional forms are examined. The book also deals with functional aspects of legal interpretation in arbitral discourse, focusing on interpretative standards, methods and considerations in decision-making in ICA.

The comparative examinations of existing legal framework and case law reflect the international nature of the subject and the book will be of value to both academic and professional readers".





Krzysztof Obloj (2013), 200 pages

"The Passion and Discipline of Strategy utilises the experiences of the best companies and leaders in emerging and mature markets to highlight the necessary linkage of passion and discipline in an effective strategy process. Passion motivates and maintains a manager's focus, whilst discipline is necessary to make passion productive and effective. Taken together, passion and discipline create a sequence of winning strategic moves, enabling a company to leverage passion, accurately develop a strategy hinge, select their own firm boundaries and a strategic goal, and decide on key elements of the business model".





Andrzej K. Koźmiński, Dariusz Jemielniak (2013), 364 pages

"The New Principles of Management is a textbook meant for European students of principles of management. Developed basing mainly on international cases as well as drawing from international examples of managerial practices, it attempts to address the needs of globalized companies better than other, typically US-centric textbooks. The New Principles of Management challenges many of the fossilized and outdated management notions and covers the topics most relevant for modern 21st century organizations, rather than their historic developments".





BONDS AND BRIDGES Facing the Challenges of the Globalizing World with the Use of Simulation and Gaming

Witold T. Bielecki, Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka, Anna M. Pikos, Marcin Wardaszko (2012), 314 pages

""The beauty of the simulation and gaming scene lays in variety. A variety of points of view, backgrounds and approaches to the topic of games and simulations and moreover, its applications.

This book shows exactly how heterogenic this community is and how from thiscreative chaos excellent and contagious ideas can be born. We can find many of those ideas in this book. The multidisciplinary approach is necessary for the field of simulation and gaming (...)" 

Segreto Luciano, Bonin Hubert, Koźminski Andrzej K., Manera Carles, Pohl Manfred (2012), 294 pages

"A strong brand is a key factor in business success, both in the short-term and in the long-term. Brands help to provide a better understanding of the corporate and commercial culture of different firms. A brand reveals the knowledge capital held by a company, but also often reflects the perception of the firm held by consumers and stake-holders.
The book explores the historical process of building some of the most famous brands among European businesses and examines the extent to which the brands have contributed to the image of the firms and their differentiation against competitors in the industry." 

Celina Nowak (2012), B5, 204 pages, Wolters Kluwer Polska - LEX

"How to fight irregularities affecting the financial interests of the European Union? Are legal regulations effective? What needs to be changed? Fight against EU fraud - administrative and criminal law issues addresses these important questions. "

"It explores the most recent development tendencies in the protection of the EU budget, with regard to both the administrative and criminal law, especially in light of the changes of the criminal law framework for the protection of the European Union's financial interests resulting from the Treaty of Lisbon and the proposed modifications of the legal framework of OLAF's activities. Also, it presents the criminal legal framework with particular emphasis on the fight against offences detrimental to the EU budget, as well as on the practical experience of co-operation in this area. 

Moreover, the book covers the problems of conducting audit which plays a crucial role in the prevention and detection of irregularities. The experience of the European Court of Auditors and the Supreme Audit Office and their role in the protection of the EU financial interests are analyzed. Some more theoretical issues are also examined such as the idea of the European Union as a laboratory of internationalization of criminal law. 

The authors are some of the most renowned experts in the field, including Dr Simone White, Prof. Eleonora Zielinska and Prof. Lech K. Paprzycki. The scientific editor is Dr Celina Nowak, assisting professor at Kozminski University."

Joanna Jemielniak, Przemysław Mikłaszewicz (2012), 462 pages

"The volume examines the impact of  applying transnational rules on the repertory, methods and practice of legal interpretation. It scrutinizes how globalization processes in law - those reaching top-down (such as European law), as well as those developing bottom-up (such as the new lex mercatoria and international commercial arbitration) - influence the often highly innovative use of various methods of legal rendition. It also examines to what extent they affect supranational and domestic decision-making. Capturing the current development of universalizing tendencies in legal interpretation, the book offers both an extensive theoretical background and thorough studies on adjudicatory practice in such fields as European and constitutional law, international business law and arbitration or criminal law." 

Dariusz Jemielniak, Abigail Marks (2012), 331 pages

"Managing Dynamic Technology-Oriented Businesses: High-Tech Organizations and Workplaces explores the culture of modern high-tech workplaces and the different challenges and opportunities that new technologies present for modern workers and employers. This pivotal reference will delve deep into management practices throughout the world, including American, European, Asian, and Middle-Eastern high-tech companies." 
THE NEW KNOWLEDGE WORKERS (New Horizons in Management Series)

Dariusz Jemielniak (2012), 192 pages

"The knowledge worker is a welcome addition to the ethnographic investigation of high-tech work. The author's thoughtful comparative approach, contrasting the oft-studied American knowledge workers with their less familiar Polish counterparts, offers a refreshing take on the post industrial workplace and demonstrates once again the profound changes that high-tech work has made in the nature of work, the worker and the workplace, far beyond Silicon Valley."
Gideon Kunda, Tel Aviv University, Israel



Elżbieta Jendrych, Halina Wiśniewska (2011), B5, 222 pages, Wolters Kluwer Polska

"Business Matters covers a variety of business-related topics introducing a wide range of vocabulary as well as providing ample opportunities to practice and master the use of Business English. The list of topics includes:
  • Company and market structure
  • Recruitment process and employee motivation
  • Market research, production and pricing policy
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Sales and distribution
  • International trade and globalization
  • Transport and logistics
  • Business growth
  • Customer rights
Each unit comprises key vocabulary, a text exemplifying the use of the terminology, a wide selection of exercises: multiple-choice questions, gapped sentences, vocabulary matching, crosswords and puzzles as well as topics for discussion and an essay-writing section.
Business Matters is an ideal textbook and reference tool for both university students and business professionals from intermediate to advanced level of language competence."

Elżbieta Jendrych, Halina Wiśniewska (2011), B5, 178 pages, Wolters Kluwer Polska

"The book Money Matters covers most topic-related areas of Finance, Banking and Accounting. It is targeted at university students and professionals from intermediate to advanced level of language competence. In addition to texts rich in ESP (English for Specific Purposes) terminology, it gives learners a variety of exercises that aim at practising and memorising core finance terminology and phraseology."

Grzegorz W. Kolodko (2011), 464 pages

"Grzegorz W. Kołodko, one of the world's leading authorities on economics and development policy and a key architect of Poland's successful economic reforms, applies his far-reaching knowledge to the past and future of the world economy, introducing a framework for understanding our global situation that transcends any single discipline or paradigm.

Deploying a novel mix of scientific evaluation and personal observation, Kolodko begins with a brief discussion of misinformation and its perpetuation in economics and politics. He criticizes the simplification of complex economic and social issues and investigates the link between developments in the global economy and cultural change, scientific discoveries, and political fluctuations. Underscoring the necessity of conceptual and theoretical innovation in understanding our global economic situation, Kolodko offers a provocative study of globalization and the possibility of coming out ahead in an era of worldwide interdependence. Deeply critical of neoliberalism, which sought to transfer economic control exclusively to the private sector, Kolodko explores the virtues of social-economic development and the new rules of the economic game. He concludes with a look at our near and distant future, questioning whether we have a say in its making."

Grzegorz W. Kolodko and Jacek Tomkiewicz (2011), 292 pages

"It is commonly believed that Great Transformation – the process of post-socialist changes leading from the system of more or less reformed central planning, based on state ownership domination and bureaucratic control, to the free market system, based on private ownership domination and deregulation, started in 1989. The anniversary, which marked two decades of system transformation, was celebrated by a group of authors who met in Warsaw; an event which undoubtedly changed the course of history and stimulated the process of post-socialist reforms. This book presents research for the conference purposes, which deals with a range of issues related to structural reforms and creating market economy institutions – from Central Europe through Russia to China. (Imprint: Nova)"



Andrzej Koźmiński, Dariusz Jemielniak,Vladimir Buyanov, Andrey Khachaturov (2010), 441 pages

„The handbook is aimed at students and graduates of higher education (regardless of faculty) interested in management. It can be used by lecturers of the basis of organization and management in all study programs and also on post-graduate studies. This book meets the urgent need for a comprehensive and practical handbook that could be used by the students and managers as a source of necessary knowledge about the problems of management in terms of thematic structure adapted to modern times. The authors base their ideas on the resource concept and the concept of enterprise sustainability, which is consistent with the global state of knowledge in this area.”

prof. Ryszard Borowiecki
Cracow University of Economics


Małgorzata Kielin - Maziarz (2010), 424 pages

"The book discusses the principles of the environmental protection law, which can be found under article 191, §2 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, in order to demonstrate that Eco Management  and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is in line with these principles. The author shows this connection by demonstrating that the general ideas of the system as well as its requirements and the rules for implementing it are in agreement with the mentioned principles.

This book consists of five chapters in succession:

  • Theoretical aspects of e-learning as a means of teaching;
  • Development of information society in Poland and the macroeconomic situation;
  • The role and place of e-learning in the education system in Poland;
  • Legal issues and ICT infrastructure;
  • Assessment of key factors influencing the development of e-learning in Poland"

Jonathan T. Scott (2010), 152 pages

"The Sustainable Business. A Perfect Introduction for Understanding the Fundamentals of Sustainability in a Business Context

Sustainability is about sensible business. It covers the legal, financial, economic, industrial, social and behavioral aspects of business, not just “going green”. In particular, sustainability is about measuring and controlling expenses wherever they arise, whether through the husbanding of scarce raw material resources or the use of energy. Measurement and control are something that every businessman or businesswoman can understand."