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Department of Business Strategy


Research area:
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • internationalisation of companies
  • strategic management
  • entrepreneurship
  • Shared value creating strategies
Scholarships/ / Awards:
Verba Veritatis Award.
Stypendium dla najlepszych doktorantów oraz za wyniki w nauce i pracy badawczej (SGH).
Articles in scientific journals:
  • WÓJCIK P. (2016), How Creating Shared Value Differs From Corporate Social Responsibility, Journal of Management and Business Administration. Central Europe, 2, s.32-55
  • WÓJCIK P. (2015), Exploring Links Between Dynamic Capabilities Perspective and Resource-Based View: A Literature Overview, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS (ZESZYTY NAUKOWE KGŚ), 45, s.83-107
  • WÓJCIK P. (2013), "Significance of the case study as a research method in management science", E-MENTOR, 48, s.17-22
  • WÓJCIK P. (2013), " The Efects of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives and Price Premiums on Polish Consumers' Responses: An Experimental Study ", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS (ZESZYTY NAUKOWE KGŚ), 38, s.84-101
zobacz pozostałe publikacjeukryj pozostałe publikacje
  • WÓJCIK P. (2011), "Diffusion of the corporate social responsibility standards in industrial networks in Poland", PRACE NAUKOWE UNIWERSYTETU EKONOMICZNEGO WE WROCŁAWIU, 220, s.357-366
Chapter in monographs:
  • WÓJCIK P. (2015), "Shared value as a strategy in sustainable development" in: "New thinking in strategic management", M. Poniatowska-Jaksch, Warsaw, SZKOŁA GŁÓWNA HANDLOWA., s.234-242
Scientific Activities
Participation in conferences:
  • "36th Annual Conference of Strategic Management Society: Strategies that Move the World", 2016.09.17
  • "32nd IMP Conference - Change and Transformation of Markets, Networks and Relationships", 2016.09.01
  • "Competitiveness of Polish companies. The end of free competition?", 2015.03.12
  • "Beyond business as usual. CSR trends I", 2013.06.20
  • "The «CSR Research Seminar» Exploring the ins and outs of Corporate Social Responsibility", 2013.05.23
  • "Economic and social strategies in financial crisis. Central and Eastern Europe experience", 2013.05.13
  • "7th RIODD Congress", 2012.05.21
  • "Qualitative and Experimental research methods in business and society studies", 2012.04.27
  • "2011 EABIS Colloquium - A New Era of Development: The Changing Role and Responsibilities of Business in Developing Countries", 2011.10.20
  • "Corporate social responsibility. Political correctness or civil attitude?", 2011.05.09