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Department of Management in Networked and Digital Societies


Performed academic and organizational function:
The Young Scientists Council, Kozminski University
Research area:
  • social science methodology
  • Technological & Business Innovations
  • Science and technology studies (STS)
Gothenburg University, Sweden
, Austria
Scholarships/ / Awards:
Visby Scholarship for PhD students.
Series of lectures:
Kozminski University, Poland
Kozminski University
University of Warsaw, Poland
Articles in scientific journals:
  • STASIK A. (2017), Global controversies in local settings: anti-fracking activism in the era of Web 2.0, JOURNAL OF RISK RESEARCH, online first, s.1-17
  • STASIK A., Lis A. (2017), Hybrid forums, knowledge deficits and the multiple uncertainties of resource extraction: Negotiating the local governance of shale gas in Poland, Energy Research & Social Science, 28, s.29-36
  • STASIK A. (2015), "Citizen as the Fellow Researcher, or the Benefits of Sharing the Lab: Renegotiating Contract between Scientists and Lay People", STUDIA SOCJOLOGICZNE, 4, s.101-126
  • Stankiewicz P., STASIK A., Suchomska J. (2015), "From Informing to Making Decisions Together – and Back Again. Prototyping Technological Democracy", STUDIA SOCJOLOGICZNE, 3, s.65-101
  • STASIK A. (2015), "How to conduct the participatory Technology Assessment – a  survey of techniques and tools", STUDIA BAS, 43, s.87-111
  • STASIK A. (2014), "Technology impact assessment in the age of uncertainty: epistemological challenge as a political challenge", POLITYKA SPOŁECZNA, 4-5, s.13-17
Chapter in monographs:
  • STASIK A., Gendźwiłł A. (2014), "Higher education in Poland – for whom and for what? Comparative analysis of two reform projects prepared by the “consultants” and the “academic community" in: "Reforming Social Sciences, Humanities and Higher Education in Easern Europe after 1991", Olga Breskowa, Anatoli Mikhailov, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, s.31-49
zobacz pozostałe publikacjeukryj pozostałe publikacje
  • STASIK A., Gendźwiłł A. (2012), "Designing of qualitative research project" in: "Qualitative research. Approaches and theories", Dariusz Jemielniak, Warsaw, PWN, s.1-21
Scientific Activities
National projects:
  • 2015.01.01–2017.07.01 "Dynamics of technological & business innovation in crowdfunded projects in energy technologies"
  • 2014.01.01–2017.01.30 "Shale gas as a new challenge for Europe: re-thinking the role of expertise in European integration processes"
Editing of scientific journal:
  • 2016, Member of Editorial Board, STAN RZECZY
Participation in conferences:
  • XVI Polish Sociological Congress, 2016
  • 3rd Energy and Society Conference: Transforming Energy for Society, 2016
  • "14th EASA Biennial Conference of european Association of Social Anthropologists "Anthropological legacies and human futures"", 2016
  • "Early Stage Researcher Colloquium 2015", 2015
  • "Science, Policy and Society. Bridging the gap between risk and science.", 2015
  • "Risks and opportunitis in the civil society - public insititutions relationships", 2015
  • "Changing Worlds. Ideologies, Utopias and Ambitions in Science and Technology", 2014
  • "Situating Solidarities. Social challenges for science and technology studies", 2014
  • "2nd Energy & Society Conference: "Energy Transitions as Societal Transitions: Challenges for the Present and the Future"", 2014
  • "Large-scale energy projects: a view from society", 2014
  • "XV Ogólnopolski Zjazd Socjologiczny", 2013
  • "22nd SRA-E (Society for Risk Analysis Europe) Conference: "Safe Societies – coping with complexity and major risk"", 2013
  • "Annual Meeting of the Society of Social Studies of Science. Design and displacement – social studies of science and technology", 2012
  • "11th Annual IAS-STS Conference: "Critical Issues in Science and Technology Studies"", 2012
Additional Information
Membership in internal committees and academic organizations:
The Young Scientists Council, Kozminski University, Member