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Department of Financial and Tax Law


Research area:
  • Tax Law
Articles in scientific journals:
  • PASTERNAK R. (2016), "The Boundaries of the Principle of Truth in Tax Procedure", ANNALES UNIVERSITATIS MARIAE CURIE-SKŁODOWSKA, SECTIO H: OECONOMIA, 1, s.193-201
  • PASTERNAK R. (2015), "Commentary on the ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court of 31st May 2013.(II FSK 1375/11", ORZECZNICTWO SĄDÓW POLSKICH, 7-8, s.1080-1084
  • PASTERNAK R. (2015), "The Main Factors Determining the Choice of Method of the Tax Base Determination by Means of Assessment in Light of the Polish Tax Ordinance", KRYTYKA PRAWA.NIEZALEŻNE STUDIA NAD PRAWEM, 1, s.385-400
  • PASTERNAK R. (2014), "Commentary on the ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court of the seventeenth May 2013.(II FSK 1812/11)", PRZEGLĄD ORZECZNICTWA PODATKOWEGO, 3, s.230-234
  • PASTERNAK R. (2013), "The determination of taxpayers consumption expenditures during proceedings concerning the undisclosed income", KRYTYKA PRAWA.NIEZALEŻNE STUDIA NAD PRAWEM, V, s.215-227
Chapter in monographs:
  • PASTERNAK R. (2015), "Doubts Concerning the Punitive Nature of the Determination of the Tax Base by Means of Assessment" in: "Regulation and Application of Tax Law in Poland. Tax Sanctions and Preferences", B. Kucia-Guściora, M. Münnich, A. Zdunek, Lublin, KUL, s.123-134
Scientific Activities
Participation in conferences:
  • "Śniadanie naukowe pt."Potrzeba zmian w systemie opodatkowania dochodów w Polsce", 2016.04.26
  • "XXV Lat Odrodzonego Samorządu Terytorialnego", 2015.12.02
  • , 2015.10.19