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Department of Quantitative Methods & Information Technology


History of scientific positions:
Senior Lecturer, Department of Quantitative Methods & Information Technology, Kozminski University
Research Assistant, Chair of Statistical Methods at the Department of Economic - Sociology Science, University of Lodz
Assistant Professor, Chair of Mathematics, The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz
Performed academic and organizational function:
-, Kozminski University, Warsaw
Research area:
  • game theory
  • statistics
  • mathematics
University of Albacete
Universitat de Valencia, Espanola
University of Ioannina, Greece
Articles in scientific journals:
  • NOWAKOWSKA I., Nowakowski A. (2011), "A dual dynamic programming for minimax optimal control problemsgoverned by parabolic equation", OPTIMIZATION, 3, s.347-363
  • NOWAKOWSKA I. (2008), "Dirichlet Problem for Semilinear Hyperbolic Equation –Multidimensional Case", JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS, Volume 338, Issue 2, s.771–783
  • NOWAKOWSKA I., Nowakowski A. (2005), "Dirichlet problem for semilinear hyperbolic equation", NONLINEAR ANALYSIS: THEORY, METHODS & APPLICATIONS, 63, s.e43–e52
  • NOWAKOWSKA I. (2003), "The Dual Dynamic Programming and Production Analysis with Long Time Cost Function", WSEAS TRANSACTIONS ON MATHEMATICS, Issues: 1 and 2, s.7-12
  • NOWAKOWSKA I. (2003), "Czy Komputer Może Myśleć?", INNOWACJE W EDUKACJI AKADEMICKIEJ, czerwiec, s.-
  • NOWAKOWSKA I., Gonicka J. (2002), , INNOWACJE W EDUKACJI AKADEMICKIEJ, Numer Specjalny Nr 2/2002 (2), s.165 – 178
  • NOWAKOWSKA I., Gonicka J. (2002), "Koncepcja Twórczego Uczenia Matematyki", INNOWACJE W EDUKACJI AKADEMICKIEJ, czerwiec, s.-
  • NOWAKOWSKA I. (2000), "The Production Analysis by Dual Dynamic Programming", Acta Universitatis Lodziensis Folia Oeconomica, 152, s.149 – 159
Chapter in monographs:
  • NOWAKOWSKA I., Nowakowski A. (2005), "Difference Approximation of Hamilton Jacobi Equation. Convergence" in: "Proceedings of the WSEAS Conferences: 9th WSEAS International Conference on Systems ( ICS 2005)", Sandberg Irwin W., Stevens Point, WORLD SCIENTIFIC AND ENGINEERING ACADEMY AND SOCIETY (WSEAS), s.Article No. 72
  • NOWAKOWSKA I. (2001), "Approximation of Optimal Value. Stability" in: "Advances in Systems Science: Measurement, Circuits and Control", Mastorakis N.E., Pecorelli-Pers L.A., Kreta, WORLD SCIENTIFIC AND ENGINEERING SOCIETY PRESS, s.550 – 555
  • NOWAKOWSKA I. (1996), "Introduction to the Differential Games" in: "Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Multivariate Statistical Analysis, MSA’96", Domański C., Korzeniewski J., Łódź, ABSOLWENT, s.221 – 231
Scientific Activities
Participation in conferences:
  • "15th International Conference on Multivariate Statistical Analysis’96", 1996
Additional Information
Membership in internal committees and academic organizations:
-, Kozminski University, Warsaw