The Mission of Kozminski University 

Kozminski University Mission

As an international and academic broad profile business school, we strive for the highest quality education in the fields of ethical business, management, social sciences and business law. Combining practice with theory, we conduct research, which in the opinion of the academic community contributes to the body of science both in Poland and internationally.

The sailing ship in an open sea in our logo is a symbol of adventure, openness to new horizons, creative teamwork and leadership and limitless possibilities.


As an international and academic broad profile business school…

The vision of Kozminski University is to become a leading business school with a broad profiled centre of excellence in research and education. A “broad profile” concept signifies that while business and management remains the school’s main focus, KU approaches these studies from an interdisciplinary perspective that includes business law, social sciences, and economics. 

KU is an active member of the Polish community, but is also a full-fledged international institution. Uniquely, KU also has an “American touch” with a number of prominent professors, including Andrzej K. Koźmiński, Witold Kieżun, Witold Morawski, Grzegorz W. Kołodko, Krzysztof Obłój, Witold Bielecki, Dorota Dobija, Wojciech Gasparski, Charles Stowe, Christopher Hartwell, Dariusz Jemielniak, JC Spender, and Dominika Latusek-Jurczak with USA faculty experience. This multi-cultural identity is fostered and conveyed to stakeholders, partners and students alike, whether they study on campus or are enrolled in a KU programme abroad. Indeed, KU has a great deal to offer the international academic community including promoting the many successes of Polish transformation and its location in the heart of Europe. Mindful of its significant role in the internationalisation concept, KU is highly committed to elevating its international standing. The University’s international reputation has accelerated upward since 2009 and in doing so, has been recognized by the Financial Times. 

Kozminski University continues to work toward obtaining highly recognised accreditations both at a national and international level.

In doing so, KU is aware that its role is not only to lead Eastern and Central Europe academia, but also to help bridging the gap between Eastern and Western academia and serve as a platform for international integration and transformation in international education standards and research.

…we strive for the highest quality education in the fields of ethical business, management, social sciences and business law. 

Kozminski University is an institution that, above all, offers state-of-the-art interdisciplinary education. Its academic and professional educational programmes address the needs of contemporary successful business people: management (in Polish and English), finance (in Polish and English), business law, public management, economics and sociology. This enhances a cross-fertilization approach to business education, with a somewhat broader definition of business. These interrelated subjects constitute the pillars of KU’s academic profile – management, finance, and business law – with a theme of excellence in management as the ultimate goal for our research and teaching efforts. This business-like model combined with a more interdisciplinary and humanistic profile makes KU more market-driven and flexible. 

Our focus on management excellence, coupled with an interdisciplinary background education, is a unique component in both the domestic and international markets. Because we keep the profile wide, KU students benefit from the synergistic effects of an interdisciplinary community that builds a solid foundation for further professional development and continuing education. An emphasis on ethics as legitimate dimensions of everyday business reality is placed not only in our curricula, but as a cornerstone of KU’s culture. We believe that business schools contribute to communities fundamentally through the education of leaders who are responsible to their environments and are willing to engage in public affairs. 

Combining practice with theory…

Another element of Kozminski University’s profile is emphasis on a continuous dialogue between academia and practitioners.  KU is dedicated to maintaining strong ties with the business world. We were pioneers in introducing professional education and offered the first MBA programmes in Poland after 1989.  Indeed, the KU executive education programme is an internationally renowned centre of excellence in professional training and education. Close contacts with the business world are achieved through a number of initiatives, including the International Corporate Advisory Board, the Centre of Excellence (COE), and a subunit of the COE - the Career Centre and Alumni Relations Office. These connections allow KU to “read the market” while maintaining a constant challenge for teaching faculty by providing the opportunity to improve their teaching skills via face-to-face meetings with one of most demanding customer segments in the market: practitioners. 

…we conduct research, which in the opinion of the academic community, contributes to the body of science both in Poland and internationally. 

KU strongly believes that high-quality education and teaching cannot be successful if they are not accompanied by quality research. This applies to every level of academic education, but is especially true in the case of doctoral education and professional training. Great emphasis is placed on the development of research that translates into publication and participation in international conferences. Faculty members are encouraged and helped financially to take internship and short-term appointments at top universities and to establish frameworks for international cooperation with foreign scholars Recent examples include the TIGER International Research Centre led by Professor Grzegorz W. Kołodko, lectures delivered by KU faculty members at partner universities, such us: IESED (France), ISC Paris School of Management (France), EDC Ecole des Derigeants at Createurs d’Enterprise (France), Audencia (France), EADA (Spain), ISCTE Business School (Portugal), DHBW (Germany), etc. KU Professors are members of the editing teams of renowned academic journals and hold reviewers positions. Examples include but are not limited to: International Journal of General Systems (Professor Wojciech Gasparski), International Journal of Society Systems Science (Professor Dorota Dobija), Journal of Socio-Economics (Professor Tadeusz Tyszka), Tamara Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry (Professor Dariusz Jemielniak) etc. Younger faculty members participate regularly in renowned scholarships programmes including Fulbright Fellowships, the Kosciuszko Foundation, the UN, and the Polish Science Foundation. 

In recent years, with the support of post-doctoral fellowships, KU faculty members were involved in research projects at Harvard University; University of California, Berkley; Stanford University; Universite de Toulouse; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; University of Columbia and University College Dublin.  In addition, KU has a well-functioning programme of rewards for scholarly publication that emphasizes a dedication to the international dimension of research. We have successfully launched the new system of faculty assessment and academic achievement rewards.

Values and aims underpinning the mission 

Kozminski University explicitly intends to foster diversity and openness to different sets of values. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on equal treatment of the students, faculty and staff regardless of their origin, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender, religion or politics. KU remains an open space to different kinds of intellectual inspiration, and we value originality and disagreeing opinions. The Ethical Code of Conduct of KU has been approved unanimously by the Academic Senate. 

In 2011, in a self-reflective process launched within our strategy revision and development, a special task-force comprised of representatives from the faculty, administrative staff and students, sought to describe the emergent organizational culture of Kozminski University. The team concluded with the following statements regarding the values that are cherished most at KU.