News - CIMA at Kozminski University 

CIMA Gala Awards 

On December 7, 2017 one of the most important CIMA events took place - the Gala Awards. During the ceremony, the people who achieved the highest results from each session were awarded.

The most important members of CIMA also took part in the gala. Our University was represented by Małgorzata Kucharczyk, PhD - the program's coordinator.

Summary of the CIMA DAY at KU 

On October 27, 2017 there was a meeting organized as part of the University Management Accounting Day at Kozminski University. The meeting was arranged in cooperation with CIMA. The aim of this meeting was to demonstrate KU students present dilemmas and challenges which management accounting faces.

Professor Bartlomiej Nowak, the Vice-Rector for Economic and Social Studies, opened the meeting. The professor presented briefly the importance of management accounting in running an organisation. Moreover, he pointed out possibilities of professional development in this area.

The first speaker was Mr. Aleksander Solski ACMA, CGMA, VP Finance CEE, Unilever Poland. Mr. Solski made a speech  „Management accounting in business: good technique + a scientific mind - is it enough” . Thanks to this speech students had a chance to get acquainted with current challenges people who manage large organisations face. Moreover, students could get to know the supporting role of management accounting to people making the decisions. Mr. Solski also discussed the growing importance of non-financial indicators in analyses used in management accounting. 

The speech of Aleksander Solski truly interested our students. They asked about issues connected with modern tools of management accounting. Students wanted to know in which areas of operating an entity, management accounting tools are used. Furthermore, students were curious why and how professionals refer to soft management and analytical skills.

Mr. Jakub Bejnarowicz, Associate Director, Central and Easter Europe, CIMA, delivered a speech after the lecture of Mr. Aleksander Solski. Mr. Bejnarowicz got students acquainted with the way CIMA operates and how it certifies knowledge and skills of its students. Mr Bejnarowicz also stressed the fact that the learning process never ends. Moreover, he presented how CIMA supports professional development of its members. Mr. Bejnarowicz also pointed out the process of changes in the content of CIMA's syllabuses. These changes are connected with the cooperation between CIMA and professionals who deal with management accounting.

Mrs. Iwona Cieślak gave a speech after a short break. She made a speech about „Accounting in a managerial perspective. From human assets to financial income” . Mrs Cieślak engaged students during her lecture into a discussion concerning the identification of critical success factors.

At the end of the meeting, during the informal part, students talked with Mrs. Sylwia Dubiel, who is Associate Manager, University Partnerships, CEE - Management Accounting, CIMA. KU Students had a chance to talk about the common program run by CIMA and KU - CIMA Program at KU.

We would like to thank all the participants and speakers for attending this event.

CIMA Tutor Session 

Lecturers of Kozminski University took part in the National Assembly of Accounting Faculties "Accounting 2.0. Contemporary problems in science, didactics and practice of accounting".

During the Convention there was a meeting organized by CIMA - CIMA Tutor Session. During the meeting, issues related to CIMA certification levels, examinations conducted at Pearson Vue Centers were discussed.

Our lecturers not only took an active part in the training meeting but also talked about the CIMA program with representatives of other universities in Poland.

Link to a short movie with CIMA Tutor Session

University Management Accounting Day with CIMA! 

We would like to invite you to the University Management Accounting Day with CIMA!
Do you dream about a future in business? Then this is the place for you to be.
Check out the schedule below!

10:15 AM - 10:25 AM The opening of the event by Vice-Rector Bartłomiej Nowak

10:25 AM - 11:15 AM "Rachunkowość zarządcza w biznesie: dobra technika + ścisły umysł - czy to wystarczy?" Aleksander Solski ACMA, CGMA, VP Finance CEE, Unilever Poland

11:15 AM - 11:45 AM Jakub Bajnarowicz, Associate Director, CEE, CIMA

11:45 AM - 12:00 PM The CIMA program at KU
Małgorzata Kucharczyk, Ph.D, The coordinator of the CIMA program

12:00 PM - 12:15 PM Coffee break

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM "Rachunkowość w aspekcie zarządczym. Od kapitału ludzkiego do wyników finansowych" Iwona Cieślak, Ph.D

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Ask the Ambassador, Aleksandra Hoppe the program's ambassador will be there to answer all your questions concerning CIMA.

Where? ROOM D/304
When? OCTOBER 27, 2017(FRIDAY) at 10:15 AM

Recruitment for the CIMA program has started! 

Familiarize yourself with the CIMA program through the tabs on this page.

Registration form at

Our student, Aleksandra Hoppe, will be happy to give you additional information:

Our University has signed an agreement with CIMA. 

The agreement signed between Kozminski University and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) will help our students obtain an international management accounting diploma.

Thanks to the agreement signed between Kozminski University and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) based in London, students of Finance and Accounting program at our University will have the opportunity to obtain an international management accounting diploma.

- Studies of Finance and Accounting have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that are global, - says Dr. Małgorzata Kucharczyk, coordinator of CIMA program at KU. - The world of finance and accounting is now striving for standardization, both in the area of financial accounting and management. For example, International Accounting Standards (IAS) are used almost everywhere in the world, currently in more than 120 countries. If you want to work in global or international organizations and deal with finances, you should get to know the financial accounting and management accounting. The participation of our students of Finance and Accounting program with the CIMA program is a chance to gain international diplomas awarded by CIMA and for an interesting, attractive and developmental work not only in Poland but also abroad. 

Prof. Witold Bielecki, the KU Rector and Mr Jakub Bejnarowicz, Associate Director, Central and Eastern Europe - Management Accounting, AICPA

The importance of management accounting in economic processes is growing. That is why knowledge of rules, principles and tools of management accounting is so important. Knowledge of management accounting now is not only a beneficial, but also a necessity. Knowledge and skills in accounting can and should be confirmed. Not only a prestigious university diploma, but also international certification awarded by organizations whose diplomas certify professional qualifications in finance and accounting and are recognized everywhere in the world.