Double Degree Bachelor in Management with Professional Placement 3-year program

About the program 

In a world that is changing and innovating managers must possess skills that will enable them to adapt quickly to opportunities and threats. 

For this purpose, theoretical knowledge combined with practical experience is the best preparation. The Double Degree Bachelor Program in Management with Professional Placement is the best of both worlds: academia and business practice. It provides students with an opportunity to participate in a unique international educational project, thus enabling them to study in two countries and optimize their academic knowledge with practical experience gained in German and Polish markets.

  • For the first three months of each semester, students acquire knowledge and skills through lectures and workshops in an university environment.
  • During the second part of each semester students develop practical competencies in a business setting through their internship.

This program is available thanks to a partnership with Kozminski University and DHBW-Mannheim. The first three semesters are taught at DHBW-Mannheim and the last three are taught at Kozminski University.

Graduates are awarded two degrees – issued by each partner institution.







Theory and Practical Experience Successfully Connected

The Cooperative State University Baden Württemberg Mannheim offers an attractive study model, which is based on the actual conditions and requirements of the labor market and businesses: Their more than 35 years of success is based on the close connection between theory and praxis, between scientific studies at the university and professional experience in the partner company. Success indicators of this integrated approach are the extremely high employability rate: 80-90% of the students have a permanent work position immediately following their graduation. 

Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg - DHBW) is the first higher education institution in Germany which combines practical workplace training and academic studies and, therefore, achieves a close integration of theory and practice, both being components of the dual education.

The key feature of the so-called dual study concept is that students regularly switch from their academic studies at the university to practical training by their workplace training provider, the so-called corporate partner. That means students are not only taught theoretical knowledge, but also learn to apply this knowledge in practice.

With around 34 000 enrolled students, 9 000 partner companies and more than 125 000 graduates, the university counts as one of the largest higher education institutions in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. 

Students are taught in small groups, making sure that every student is included. Both active teaching and learning methods along with intensive personal instruction by professors and tutors, foster motivation and decisively contribute to successful learning. With the establishment of internationally oriented degree programs, we have taken into account the growing globalisation of the labor market. In addition to specialist and social skills, linguistic and intercultural skills are also taught with most degree courses, providing the opportunity to participate in exchange and scholarship programs abroad.

More information about DHBW: 

Facts about Mannheim 

Mannheim is known as the capital of German pop music, as well as the Quadratestadt (city of squares), with many other fascinating facts awaiting students upon arrival. Mannheim is attractive not only for its convenient location amidst scenic countryside, picturesque, historic cities and small towns, but also because the diverse cultural scene offers something for all tastes: the National Theatre is well known all over Germany, the Reiß-Museum and the Kunsthalle have acquired a reputation in previous years for their spectacular exhibitions and the state museum of Technologie und Arbeit was declared museum of the year in 1992 by UNESCO. With its lively music, club, and bar scene. The main train station provides easy connections to Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich just to name a few.

More information on Mannheim can be found at:  and

Alumni' testimonials

Lizaveta Makratsova, alumni of Kozminski University, APCOA Parking - Marketing Department

My program is pretty unique and special when comparing it with other programs at Kozminski University. Here we are at the same time students of two universities as well as interns in chosen companies. During these 3 years we have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, what actually nowadays is the best preparation for the challenging future. As well I like this feeling of being constantly busy: when during 3 months of theory phase you need to learn the material which normal students have within 6 months, when instead of summer holidays you are entitled to do different researches and analyses within the company and prepare Seminar Research for the university. But what I really do appreciate the most about this program is its diversity and multi-city feeling.

In my small group of 15 students we have people from 6 countries, therefore, we have a lot of things to share and obviously it increases our cultural knowledge and communication abilities.

Joanna Burzec, alumni of Kozminski University, Sirona CAD/CAM Product Specialist VE (Regions: Europe and Canada)

The added value for students, which are a part of the program is enormous. The business knowledge development, the overall world economy understanding, languages and social, management skills, and many others. This is the unique opportunity to study and work in a multinational environment and develop all the possible abilities on a daily basis, which no other university in Poland offers. There is nothing more valuable than combining the theoretical knowledge and then putting it into practice during internships. Theoretical part - the lectures at the two universities is essential and being in a small group (around 15 people) allows everybody to have the possibility to participate actively in the lectures, always ask questions and understand everything, going home with no doubts. The fact that the groups are small and so international allowed the students to learn how to cooperate, manage different types of mentalities and what are the backgrounds for various behaviors. This is the added value, which no other university in Poland can offer.

What you gain from your studies? 

  • Academic knowledge combined with practical experience at a recognized company
  • Knowledge and skills required for identification, diagnosis and solving problems in organizations
  • Extensive knowledge of international business management
  • Knowledge and skills regarding the intercultural aspects of management and organizations
  • The opportunity to develop competencies in a business setting with the help of a mentor
  • The ability to understand the dynamic and work in an international/multicultural team
  • Cross-cultural skills
  • Accelerated learning process for an earlier career start
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent networking opportunities
  • Decision making skills and self-confidence
  • Degrees from both Kozminski University and DHBW-Mannheim


  • International Business Management

Selected courses 

Semester 1 - Germany (DHBW)
    • Computer Science
    • Basic of Business Administration
    • Introduction to Microeconomics
    • Civil Law
    • Mathematics and Statistics for Economists
    • Basics of Information Management
    • Methods in Financial Accounting
    • Introduction to Cross-Cultural Management
    • International Business
    • Scientific Work
    • Foreign Language
Semester 2 - Germany (DHBW)
    • Basic of Business Administration
    • Introduction to Microeconomics
    • Civil Law
    • Mathematics and Statistics for Economists
    • Basics of Information Management
    • Methods in Financial Accounting
    • Introduction to Cross-Cultural Management
    • International Business
    • Scientific Work
    • Foreign Language
Semester 3 - Germany (DHBW)
    • Accounting
    • International Cooperation
    • Social Research Methods
    • Scientific Work
    • Macroeconomics
    • International Marketing
  • Basics of Labour Law and Insolvency Law
  • Foreign Language
    Semester 4 - Poland (KU)
      • Business English for LCCI
      • Introduction to Organizational Theory
      • Project Management
      • HR Management
      • Money and Currency Market
      • Corporate and Business Law
      • Negotiations
      • International Accounting and Finance
      • Qualitative Research
      • Sports
      • Foreign Language
    Semester 5 - Poland (KU)
      • Principles of Psychology
      • Quality Management
      • Economic Policy
      • Sustainable Development
      • International Management and Corporate Governance – case studies
      • International Integrative Seminar
      • Elective Courses
      • Bachelor Seminar
      • Foreign Language
    Semester 6 - Poland (KU)
      • International Business Plan
      • Management Business Games
      • Leadership in Large and Medium Sized Enterprises
      • International Business Consulting Project
      • Elective Courses
      • Bachelor Seminar
      • Foreign Language

    Class schedule 

    • Full-time programs

    Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.

    Admission requirements 

    Admission is based on the results of the matriculation exam (matura) in three subjects chosen by the candidate among all of the subjects in the examination. 

    Qualifying points are calculated based on the percentage results from the matriculation certificate (nowa matura) as follows:

    • 1% at the basic level = 1.5 points
    • 1% at the advanced level = 2 points

    Grades obtained as result of the "old matriculation", International Baccalaureate system or a foreign high school diploma are also converted into qualifying points.

    Candidates who have reached the minimum level of 320 points will be admitted to Kozminski University programs until the enrollment limit for chosen program is reached.

    The Admission Commission has the right to admit a candidate who has not obtained the minimum of 320 points in specific cases.

    Foreign Candidates are admitted with omission of the above mentioned regulations in accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland of September 9, 2009.

    Candidates for the Double Degree Bachelor Program in Management with Professional Placement are admitted on the basis of their analytical and critical thinking skills and willingness to work in international corporations from the beginning of their studies. 
    Candidates for the program are required to submit an essay on a given subject. In addition they will be invited to a personal interview with representatives of the companies which participate in the program.

    Required documents 

    During the application process candidates must submit a complete set of documents including:

    • High school diploma (świadectwo dojrzałości) or an official duplicate issued by the candidate's high school or a notarized copy
    • Translation of a foreign high school diploma into Polish or English
    • CV in English
    • Essay - 500 words on one of the given topics by the Admission Committee
    • Application form available online
      Complete the form online, print and sign the document - each page (when documents are sent by post)
    • One printed passport-size picture
      One scanned picture in jpg format should be submitted by e-mail:
    • Copy of the candidate’s ID/ passport
    • Recognition of the candidate’s high school diploma, if it was obtained abroad (it must be obtained before the end of first semester of studies) More information
      It does not refer to credentials from EU, OECD, EFTA and countries with which Poland has agreements on recognition of education (Ukraine, Belarus, Austria, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Libya, Lithuania, Slovakia, China).
    • 750 PLN admission fee receipt (non-refundable)
    • Certificate confirming proficiency in English (unless the high school courses were taught in English or English is the mother tongue of an applicant) - e.g. FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, CEIBT issued by the University of Cambridge; IELTS (>=6.0 points); TOEFL IBT (>=87 points); TOEIC (at least 700 points from the test); LCCI (English for Business level 2, 3, 4); London Test of English certificates (PEARSON) - level 3, 4, 5 (certificates Edexcel). Polish citizens who scored at least 95% on the basic level or 80% in the extended level from English language at the Polish "Matura" examination or successfully went through the interview, can be excluded from submitting an English proficiency certificate. 
      List of documents confirming the knowledge of English language (pdf)

    Foreigners are additionally required to submit:

    • Medical certificate stating that the condition of your health allows you to be a student
    • Health and accident insurance (immediately after arrival)
    • Valid visa or Temporary Residence Permit/Karta Pobytu (immediately after arrival)

    Documents can be submitted at the Admission Office on campus of Kozminski University, room D/126. We process applications from May until August (applications from non EU-citizens) and from May until the end of September (applications from EU-citizens). Applications received afterwards will be kept on file and processed within the next application period.

    The admission fee for all programs delivered in English is 950 PLN for EU citizens and 1450 PLN for non-EU citizens.
    Payment of the admission fee should be made to  the following bank account:

    Name of the bank: Pekao S.A. II o/Warszawa
    Address: Grzybowska 53/57,  Warszawa
    Bank account number: 20 1240 1024 1111 0010 1646 0637
    IBAN: PL

    Tuition fee should be transferred to the individual student account which is assigned and sent to the student together with the admission decision.

    Foreigners who need a visa to study in Poland are additionally required to make payment of tuition for one full year of studies before we can issue documents necessary in the visa application process i.e. invitation to come to Poland and the admission decision. Admission commission issues a conditional acceptance letter including individual account number to which the payment should be transferred in Polish Złoty (PLN) calculated according to the exchange rates of the National Bank of Poland ( In case the candidate is denied a visa tuition is returned. Admission fee is non-refundable.

    In case of visa, accommodations and other daily issues please contact our Student Support and Service Center:

    Tuition and fees 

    Double Degree Bachelor Program in Management with Professional Placement in partnership with DHBW-Mannheim (full-time)

    Tuition per semester when paid in full 12900 PLN 3094 EUR* 3795 USD*
    Tuition per semester in 5 installments 5 x 2600 PLN 5 x 624 EUR* 5 x 765 USD*
    Admission fee - EU 950 PLN 228 EUR* 280 USD*
    Admission fee - non-EU 1450 PLN 348 EUR* 427 USD*

    * Exchange rates according to NBP table of 2018-01-16: 1 EUR = 4,1696 PLN, 1 USD = 3,4010 PLN
    PRICES IN PLN ARE APPLIED. If you pay in EURO or USD please note that payments in EUR and USD are recalculated into PLN according to the exchange rate of Millennium Bank based on the day of receipt of payment to the Kozminski University bank account. Check current exchange rate.


    Dana Duda
    +48 22 519 22 69